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Life Coaching

Do I life coach and who is life coaching for?

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  •    ?  Have you come to a place in your personal life or career, where it feels like you are stuck in obstacles, instead of making steady progress?
  •   Are you looking to make an immediate positive shift in your life, but you don’t know how?
  •   ?  Are you looking for practical, effective solutions that are easy to implement and actually stick with? The type of solutions that you don’t come across every day?
  •  ? Are you stuck into a condition like depression, anxiety, or even an addiction? Are you looking for a radical solution?

Then maybe it’s time to stop spending your money on stuff that doesn’t work, and land on a solution that is going to last you a lifetime. A personalized approach that is going to pinpoint your goals, define your needs, and get you on the right track to success, self awareness, and emotional freedom.


Before I go any further, I would like to tell you a story…

Do you know that the eagle is one of the bird species with the longest life-span? The eagle can live up to 70 years. However, in order to reach that age, the eagle must make a tough decision.

At forty years of age, the eagle’s nails are so worn-out and so unstable that he can barely catch his prey. Its beak, long and sharp, bends against his chest. His wings are old and heavy, weighing him down with too many feathers. Flying has become so hard!

At this point the eagle has to options – one is death. The other one is a painful process of renewal that lasts for 140 days. This process consists of flying off high in the mountains, in a nest close to a vertical cliff, where he wouldn’t need to fly. After finding such a place, the eagle starts hitting his beak against the cliff, until he takes it out. Once this is done, he starts waiting for a new beak to grow in order for him to take out his old nails. When the new ones start growing, he uses them to pull out the old feathers that don’t let him fly.

In five months, the eagle is ready to take off for his great flight of renewal, after which he lives for thirty more years.

Just like the eagle, there are times in an individual’s life that they need to set apart for the process of renewal.

In order to take off to the flight of victory, we need to free ourselves from all inhibitions, old habits, traditions, and memories that cause us pain, and stop our growth. Only free from the burden of the past can we take advantage of the valuable gifts that a radical rebirth brings.

Unlike the eagle, though, we, as human beings can benefit from each other’s experiences; use each others’ methods that will make this process smooth and successful.


You can think of a life coach, as an experienced eagle, who is going to lead you to that victory flight of total renewal. Hiring a life coach is one of the fastest ways to overcome challenging issues or problems in your life. Here are some points that that a good life coach will be able to do for you:


–          Identify self-destructive patterns and habits that may be negatively affecting different areas of your life

–          He will be able to offer numerous solutions to problems or issues that might seem overly complicated

–          Enable you to not just find, but also implement the solutions to your problems

–          Teach you the skills you need to continue this process yourself


When should you take the step of hiring a life coach?

The most important factor is your own willingness to make a change. A life coach can help you crystallize your issues and goals, they can give you the tools and help you implement them, but they can’t walk the path for you. You need to be there and get involved in the process in order to make radical improvements in your life.

Why would you consider me as the success and life coach you hire?

One of my greatest passions in life is helping people quicken the manifestation of their dreams. I have the knowledge and tools that help them prepare for their victory flight in a practical, realistic, but fun way. These are the same tools that have helped me build my own success story. I am now enjoying total financial and personal freedom, earning more than enough to travel and enjoy life, while pursuing my greatest passion. But here are the steps that got me where I am now! With the methods I teach, I managed to:

  • Cure an addiction
  • Overcome issues with my self-confidence and feeling of self-worth
  • Buy a home at one of the lowest points of America’s recent economic crisis (at the age of 22)
  • Continually set and beat records at my job for maintaining costs, hitting financial goals, and have won manager of the year a few times out of over 60 company restaurants.
  • Quickly found a means of applying my knowledge and skills, so that I started helping other people make unbelievable breakthroughs and achieve success in their own life.
  • Enjoy a flourishing love life
  • Most importantly, I learned to be genuinely happy, to love myself and my life, to consciously choose my emotional states, and to follow an authentic and personal spiritual path that enriched my soul, and helped me feel that I had a purpose in life.

I have created this site, because after using almost every personal development program or resource that there is out there (including NLP, law of attraction programs, brainwave entrainment, hypnosis, etc.), I was able to create a system that is much more applicable than all the other stuff available, and actually works! I feel it’s my mission to share this system with as many people as possible, helping them become the best possible version of themselves – physically, emotionally, and mentally.


You can book a free session with me to see whether we’ll be a good match by dropping an email at ashton [at]


money back guarantee1

I am so confident that I can help you achieve success that I am giving you a 100% money back guarantee, meaning, if you do not achieve the breakthrough you are looking for, I will gladly issue you a full refund.




The eagle story was inspired and re-told from Gale Sears’s book The Silence of God

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