Life Response Frequencies, Subliminals, and Luck

Life Response Frequencies, Subliminals, and Luck

Hey everyone!  This is the first post of a new category I’ve added to the blog here.  Often times people like you ask some very good questions about the site, brainwave entrainment, and self-improvement that bring up some very interesting discussion.  This one brings up Jeff Gignac’s Life Response Frequencies, subliminals, and luck.

I realized recently that many people could benefit a lot from some of these honest and organic conversations so I decided to start putting them up here.  All subscribers/customers identities are kept strictly confidential.

This conversation covers some important questions about brainwave entrainment, particularly a question that I get asked often, that deals with some of the shadier side of advertising about this type of product.  Many people will claim that brainwave entrainment can do things like increase luck, improve prosperity, etc.  My reply shares my personal thoughts on this, and we also discuss the topic of luck, where it comes from, and how to improve it.

Hope you enjoy!


Hi Ashton:

As a subscriber of yours, I recently received this email from Jeffrey Gignac, concerning his “Life Response Frequencies” package (see embedded link for it) that he so highly recommends.

Are you familiar with it?

Why is it any different/better than listening to any other meditation or theta state brain entrainment relaxation audio?

How can there be sound frequencies for health, luck, prosperity etc?

This leads me to my BIG question. So many brain entrainment audios are advertising to promote prosperity, happiness, luck, health, etc. How can sound frequencies target specific outcomes like prosperity, luck? The only approach that I can see, is, by using subliminal messages in the audios. If that is what Jeff Gignac and others are doing, then this is certainly nothing new or revolutionary, as Jeff Gignac is claiming. 

Ashton,  I really could use a lot more luck in my life. I’ve had stock investments for years, which never seem to do well. I’ve also been buying many lottery tickets, etc for years, yet never win even small prizes. I’ve been using increase luck brain entrainment audios, listening to asian indian mantra mp3s for luck, wear a sri yantra necklace etc. yet my luck never seems to improve.

To your knowledge, is there any effective way (excluding prayer) to substantially increase luck? I’d love to have just one life changing financial event, so I can finally retire. I will be 64 years old soon.

Any info would be most appreciated. Thank you so much.


Hi *******,

You’ve asked some good questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them.
As far as Jeffrey’s audios go, I have only tried a sample of his life response frequencies. I do believe that he has some of the highest quality audios on the market, and that he keeps current with the best methods of making effective brainwave entrainment products.
As far as how brainwave entrainment can create things like “luck”, “prosperity”, etc. It’s important to understand something about BWE. All this technology can do is encourage your brain to produce specific brainwaves. So when people tell you this audio will help you be more prosperous, and this one will create something as abstract as “luck”, what they are doing is choosing a brainwave frequency, and DECIDING that it creates “luck” (for example).
Understand that much of this is still within the realms of subjective experience. You can measure increases in academic performance, or even improvements in mood, accelerated hormone production, etc, through studies and data, but as of now at least, you can not objectively prove that a certain brainwave can create something as abstract and multifaceted as luck. Or prosperity. Maybe someone (or a group of people) has had experiences that have led them to believe that an audio can do so, but you cant really prove something like that.
The best these audios can really do is HELP in an endeavor of building luck or prosperity. Perhaps the audio can help create a state of mental sharpness, or a feeling of being in the flow. Accessing this state on a daily basis could definitely help. But to say that a brainwave entrainment audio, by virtue of what it is, can single handedly make you more lucky is, in my humble opinion, selling snake oil.
This technology IS powerful. It IS amazing. But it’s not a magical potion, and it isn’t a fast food or get something for nothing strategy.
As you’ve mentioned, subliminals could help program the mind to achieve better results in this way. To my knowledge, Jeffrey Gignac’s audios in Life Response Frequencies do not use subliminals.
As far as luck goes, I think it is a synergy of different variables, and ultimately the phenomenon of luck is still a mystery.
My view is that luck happens when we are surrendered to what is going on. When we are accepting what is, and are in a state of true joy. Pushing against the flow or resisting life blocks it. Even wishing we had luck when we don’t blocks it.
There are many things that could help you be in more of a lucky state. One is believing in yourself unconditionally. Another is being relaxed mentally and physically while also being focused (here is where alpha brainwave entrainment audios can come in).
I also a believer that clearing energy blocks helps with luck, by using yogic practices, and also by utilizing Feng Shui to clear and direct external energy flow in your surroundings as well.
I will also give you this advice, with a desire that it will help you truly find satisfaction: hoping for a financial windfall by gambling or lottery tickets, and by using self-help products to increase luck is probably not the most effective strategy to help you retire.
Self help and spirituality have such a tendency to get us thinking in these kind of “magical” ways. Luck and manifestation ARE magical, awesome forces, but I suggest that you take the time and money you are spending on your endeavor to set a practical goal, something you feel very passionate about, something you can BUILD, CREATE, and ENJOY, and let that be what brings the money in. You may find that your luck increases by taking this kind of action. The universe may have a different objective for you to contribute your energy, uniqueness, and skills to the world that goes far beyond winning the lottery.
Sorry this got so long, but I do hope you find some of it to be helpful!
Warm regards and best wishes,



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