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I’m veeeery excited to share this liver cleanse with you, because it is not only incredibly easy, but also incredibly powerful. 

  First off, I want you to know that this cleanse/flush does not require you to drink a mixture of olive oil and citrus juice.  I’ve been there, done that.  Not pleasant.  We will be using a drink to flush the liver, but I promise you that this newer method of flushing is much easier (it actually tastes good) and works even better than the old citrus/oil method.   Aside from the colon, the liver is absolutely the most important organ to keep in top notch shape.  Everything that goes through your body is filtered by the liver, making it an incredibly hard worker.  Your liver deals with all your foods and liquids, and toxins.  It is responsible for purifying and cleansing your blood, is one of the largest supporters of the immune system, and plays a HUGE role in your energy levels.  

A few benefits of cleansing the liver are:

  -Increased energy levels -Decreased addiction to sugars and unhealthy foods -Stronger immune system -Cleaner blood -Brighter eyes -Better-looking skin -Greater resiliency to toxins/poor eating habits -Better overall operation of every other organ in the body (including the brain): because the liver is responsible for filtering and cleaning the blood that is then sent throughout the entire body, cleansing the liver and increasing its efficacy will improve the health of every other organ in your body.  

The Cleanse

  Again, this cleanse is very easy to do.  You will need:   -Chinese bitters (an herbal remedy that breaks down bile/stones) -Organic, free-range Omega eggs -Fresh organic limes -Cold-pressed organic sunflower oil -Plenty of organic apples  


You can modify the amount of time you spend on this cleanse, flushing the liver multiple times if wanted, depending on how thorough you want to be.  Do keep in mind, however, that flushing and cleansing the liver can wear it out, so you do not want to be doing this regularly.  Once you have set your time limit, and are finished, take a long break before doing it again.  This is a good rule for any cleanse, of course.   For the duration of this cleanse, it is best to limit, or completely take out your consumption of meat.  It is also very important that you are eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables (which are good for and easy on the liver) and other healthy foods.  As with any other cleanse, avoid consuming artificial sweeteners, dairy, large amounts of caffeine, genetically modified and processed foods, microwaveable foods, or fried foods.  This is by far the aspect of the cleanse that requires the most discipline.  Other than this, it’s incredibly easy.   Aside from the dietary guidelines above, the only other thing you need to do is drink plenty of fresh, unpasteurized apple juice, at least one big glass per day.  Fresh apples are incredibly good for you in a variety of ways, and are especially good in breaking down build-up in the liver and upper intestines.  I recommend you follow this diet for at least a week.    If you want to add a little more to the efficacy of the intestinal cleansing, you can also drink a honey/mint tea each night before going to bed.  Boil the water, let it cool a bit, then mix the honey.  Using raw organic honey will greatly add to the benefits of this drink.  Honey lubricates the intestinal walls, making it easier for blockages and waste to pass through them.   Chinese Bitters Chinese bitters is the name for an herbal remedy that has been found to detox the liver, and break down/soften gall and cholesterol stones.  For people who do have a lot of buildup in the liver, this step is crucial and I recommend using them for at least one month before flushing.  These herbs are very strong.  Because of this, it is recommended that you take a week break from them every month you use them, to give your liver a rest.  One teaspoon per day is all that is needed to get great results.  

The Flush!

So you’ve been eating right, drinking your apple juice and tea, and have been taking the Chinese bitters for at least a week (I recommend doing this for one month to really get the best results).  Now you are ready to flush.  For the day of the flush, try to eat as little as possible, drink as much apple juice as you’d like, and limit what you do eat to raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds.  In the evening, you will put together this drink, which needs to be taken on an empty stomach:   To make this drink, mix together -The juice from 3 limes -Two raw egg yolks (Organic Omega 3 eggs work best) -One tablespoon of cold-pressed, organic sunflower oil Stir the drink as little as possible, just enough to break the yolks and mix the ingredients.  Once you’ve made it, drink it down.  This drink will not only flush out the liver, but also your upper intestines.  If you are familiar with the olive oil/citrus juice flush, know that this one is different, you will not get those little lime green stones.  You will certainly flush out stones, but they won’t be green.  You are also likely to be shocked and surprised what else comes out.  The average person will find worms, and other crazy stuff in there.  If you are able, you can optimize your results by getting one more colonic, or doing an enema afterwards. You do not need to go to bed or lay on your side after drinking your drink.  It is common, however, for you to get very sleepy and want to take a nap, so it is best to do this when you have free time, or right before bed.   A Word of Caution: Please note that the diet, and sticking to the steps outlined above is incredibly important at this point.  It is by sticking to the diet (and doing a preliminary colon cleanse) that you ensure that the stones in your liver are softened, and that what you flush will be able to pass fully through the intestines and colon.  Cheating on this cleanse, or not following the steps correctly, can be dangerous, and cause mild to serious problems.  If you suspect you have a blockage in your intestines, consult a health care practitioner immediately.  Thus being said, perform this cleanse at your own discretion, I assume no responsibility for any effects that result from it.) If you are very serious about thoroughly cleansing the liver, you can take the Chinese bitters for several months (making sure to take 1 week off each month) and perform several liver flushes.  I do not recommend flushing daily.  Every 2 days or so for a limited period of time will get you great results. In our next article we will talk about different routes to take for the other various cleanses that follow.  This includes heavy metal chelation, candida cleansing, and parasite detox.  Stay tuned!


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