How to Meditate When You’re Stressing About Money

How to Meditate When You’re Stressing About Money

We’ve all stressed about money at one point or another.  Though it’s easy to find yourself in the victim mentality, feeling like it’s simply because you don’t make enough money, or because you have too many bills, it’s good to remember that people of all income brackets, single or with kids, young or old, all can find themselves stressing about money.   Sometimes the last thing you may feel like you’re able to do when you’re stressing out about finances is meditate.  You may find yourself sitting down and wrestling with your own mind to silence your stressed out, scarcity mentality thoughts so you can enjoy a moment of peace.

And kudos to you for your resolve to do this; it certainly shows that you have an understanding of the power of your own mind, and a knowledge that this IS one of the most important things you could be doing in a moment like this.    Meditation, used in the correct way, can be one of the most effective ways to handle stress about money.  It’s actually very important that you have a meditative strategy for dealing with this stress because, very simply put, this stress you are feeling about money is scarcity consciousness boiling up to the surface of your awareness.  If you handle it correctly, you are able to resolve it, and instill a new habit of thinking and being in your mind that will directly and powerfully shift the amount of money you naturally manifest into your life.   I’m going to give you a specific meditation that you can use for this type of situation, but first, I want to introduce a concept, or philosophy, that will help you understand this meditation and why it works a little better.  

Those of us who are on the journey of rediscovering our power and potential are quite familiar with the idea that the mind can be used as a tool to manifest wealth and create abundance in our life.  This often times leads us to focus on our thoughts, learning to keep them more positive, and to eliminate negative thoughts and thought patterns.  From this place, we have a strong tendency to think of the mind as that thing that protects you from failure, that you use to forge your own wealth and abundance out of a world that is constantly against you, a world of scarcity and loss, a world where abundance and wealth doesn’t come naturally.

I want you to ask yourself this question, and answer as honestly as you can.  Without your mind and your thoughts, where would you be financially right now?

Your answer to that question determines a lot, and uncovers a hidden paradigm that is crucial to understand if you are to become wealthy, successful, and happy.  

You see there are two different ways to look at the mind, and its relationship to the “external” world, or, you could say, the universe.  

One paradigm is that the mind is your savior, that thing that, through its positive thinking will be the thing that saves you from poverty, pain, suffering, failure etc.  It is through mastering your thoughts, and by doing certain exercises and techniques that you will become successful, happy, and at peace.  

Well, there is something inherently dangerous about this paradigm. 

It is completely based upon the assumption that life is not already giving, abundant, loving, and safe.  It does not trust in life or the universe’s natural tendency to give you exactly what you want and need.  It does not believe that the universe (ie: God, or Life) is always trying its best to give you all the abundance, all the peace, and all the love in the world.    You see for all the positive and amazing things that the mind can do for you, we also have to acknowledge that for all the mind training and positive thinking that we do, the mind also has quite the tendency to get out of control and start doing things like stressing, worrying, doubting itself and your abilities, etc.    And it is this worrying, this lack of trust that everything will work out, this lack of faith in yourself and the universe that creates scarcity in your life.  

I’m going to propose that it may be easier than a lot of people realize.  I want you to consider the possibility that it really is true that life is ready and willing, waiting at every moment to give you everything you’ve ever wanted, and the only thing that stops this from coming to you is this annoying little bugger you call your rational mind.  The one that sees a situation occurring in your life as bad, as wrong, as something to stress about and be fearful about.  Remember that you don’t really know how events are going to unfold over the course of your life, over the course of the next few days, weeks, or months.    There are many blessings in disguise. 

But a lack of trust in the benevolence of life, a lack of surrender to unknown circumstances can constantly push these blessings away from you, over and over and over again until you get the lesson.   So what I am proposing to you is that when you stress, the most important thing for you to do is let go, trust, accept, let it be what it is.  Step out of the paradigm that life is out to get you, and it’s all up to you to forge your happiness and success with your mind, and step into the paradigm where life is supporting you lovingly at every minute, and all you have to do is stop blocking it with your fearful little ego mind.

You can do this by consistently practicing this simple meditation

Whenever you become fearful, or stressed out about a particular money situation, remember what I’ve just told you.  Remember that you are living in a universe where everything that is being sent your way in your life is absolutely perfect, is exactly what you need to be happy and at peace.  Accept that you don’t know why things are the way they are, and remind yourself   That it is your mind that is blocking you from experiencing abundance and blessings in your life right now!  

This meditation is about learning to trust and let go.   

Close your eyes and sit in a relaxed position.  Now let your mind run wild with its worries and fears for a moment.  Become very aware of your mind, what it is saying and thinking.  As you listen to your inner dialogue and pay attention to your worries and fears, imagine that your awareness is slowly seeping backwards from its identification with your thoughts and inner dialogue. 

You are now slowly becoming more identified with the background, the context from which the thoughts and inner dialogue are coming from.  Notice that the mind is still doing what it has been doing, still saying what it’s been saying, but now there is a distance between you and it.  If it helps, you can imagine that the inner dialogue was playing on a gigantic screen that stretched to the limits of your internal field of vision, but as your awareness withdraws, the screen becomes smaller and smaller, you begin to see the edges, until you see that the screen has gotten much smaller, and that you are sitting in a movie theater, able to see the seats, the projector beam, and other people sitting around you.  

Now notice that the voice of your inner dialogue has gotten more and more quiet, and there’s some type of static and interference going on.  The voice is warbly, hard to make out, and it’s farther and farther away from you.  

Now it’s time to shift your attention from this voice, to the space you imagine as “outside” of you.  Let the voice of fear and worry be there, do not attempt to silence it, just move your focus.  Think of the entire universe and everything in it as being fully aware and vibrantly alive (I assure you it really is).  Now imagine this totality of the universe being completely aware of YOU and having nothing but complete love and the intention to help you succeed.  Imagine that everything that appears to be outside of you is sending you waves of benevolent energy, waves of positive intention and abundance.  Feel these waves of energy, love, and abundance flowing to you and your body from all directions and angles. 

Do your best to feel gratitude.  Feel supported and loved.  Accept this positive energy and send it back.  

Now bring your attention back to the worries and fears, and notice how small and quiet they have gotten.  Notice how much of a contrast there is between this big universal energy being sent to you from everywhere and this tiny little scared, mad voice in your mind that worries and frets.  Laugh at it.  See how ridiculous it is in the midst of all this positive and abundant energy.  

Now, compress this quiet little voice of uncertainty into a box in your mind.  Squeeze the box shut and compress it to a tiny little thing, smaller than a postage stamp. Then move this little box out from inside your head, and hand it over to the bombardment of positive energy waves that surround you.  Watch as these energy waves immediately dissolve and transmute this little box of negativity into nothingness.    Bask in this positive energy as long as you want, and feel gratitude for this experience that has allowed you to learn another lesson about how blessed you are, and how to surrender your worries to a higher power.  

Remember, the more you use this meditation, the more of a positive effect it will have on your life, and your finances.  You do not need to worry and stress about creating wealth! 

Learn instead to get your mind out of the way and stop blocking abundance from naturally flowing into your life.  When encountered with money problems and worry, the absolute best thing you can do for yourself is learn to let it go and trust that everything will be alright. 

Combining this practice with whatever else you are already doing to be successful will be a powerful catalyst in creating more wealth, and a happier, more peaceful life!  

Please come back and share your experiences with this meditation in the comments below so we can all benefit from your experiences!  

Yours Truly,  

-Ashton A.      

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