Meditation Techniques to Fall Asleep

Meditation Techniques to Fall Asleep or How To Feel Truly Rested After a Night’s Sleep


meditation technique to fall asleepWhen you master a meditation technique to control sleep, you will never need to spend a restless night again. You can apply it regularly (if you have sleeping problems on a consistent basis) or resort to it only occasionally. This technique can be used whenever you need. It can help, for instance, when traveling in different time zones, enabling you to sleep anywhere, anytime, without using sleeping pills. A meditation technique for falling asleep can also help you improve the imagination and fantasy – two functions of the intellect. Did you know that when people use sleeping pills to sleep, these agents are able to interfere with the normal cycles of sleep and dreaming? When we sleep at night, your mind moves in the levels of development of the brain in cycles lasting about 90 minutes. In the first cycle, your brainwave state slows down to a level Delta and remains so for most of the duration of the first cycle. In subsequent cycles, brain frequency does not fall so much, so you spend more time on other levels (i.e. alpha). Research through the use of sleep deprivation has shown that it matters to spend enough time at Alpha during sleep. When you deprive yourself of sleep at the Alpha level, there are serious consequences such as irritability, loss of ability to learn, and sometimes slight hallucinations.

Generally, when you can not sleep at night or feel restless, and wake up tired in the morning, it means that there is a problem. Quite often it turns out that various life circumstances and mental activity are interfering with your sleep. The same can cause a person to feel tired and reluctant to start a new day. A good meditation techniques to help you fall asleep will require enough mental activity that you commit to and not deal with your problems at the time, when you should be resting. When you drive your mind (your human intelligence) to implement a sleep meditation technique, you should be determined to continue to apply it until you fall asleep – even if it takes the whole night – and then fall asleep.

Meditation Techniques to Fall Asleep

Draw a big circle in your imagination and use your thoughts to write any big numbers that come to your mind on the boundary of this circle. Then delete them one by one. Watch for details on how the numbers are displayed in your mind. If you look at them, you will not think about the problems of everyday life that keep you awake. If your attention shifts and you forget which number you are on, don’t worry, just start over from any other number. In the beginning you may need to use a lot of numbers before you go to sleep, but be patient and you’ll see that the next night you will fall asleep faster. In a short period of time, you will start falling asleep within minutes by using this technique. It will be much more effective if you persist and keep using the meditation technique until you succeed! 

As a final point, I would like to add that alleviating everyday stress and anxiety can significantly improve the quality of your sleep, too. Make sure to grab a Free copy of my E-book (by filling in the form below) and learn more powerful techniques that will help you bring peace and manifest positive outcomes in your life!


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