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Mind Power Mp3 is a breath of fresh air in the brainwave entrainment and meditation music world, offering more than a few different and unique products that are very effective, and a cut above the rest. 

If you’re like me, with a lot of experience using brainwave entrainment audios, or maybe even if you’re not, you may occasionally get a little bored with the usual nature sounds, meditation bowls, and raw tones that comprise the soundtrack of the average audio.  Mind Power Mp3 has taken it to the next level, collaborating with talented and unique musical composers from around the world to bring you high quality audios, mixed with beautiful, uplifting, and spiritually inclined meditation music. 

I’d heard reports in the past that it is not wise to mix anything that may distract you from the pure tones of the brainwave entrainment beats, and, as usual, was a little skeptical when I first heard of this new idea.  Still, it certainly intrigued me, being a musician, and music lover.  Plus these guys offer three free Mp3’s on their website, so I was able to test more than one audio to decide whether or not they were good enough for me to put on the site here.

It was very nice for me to combine two of my greatest loves in life, being able to comfortably listen to some new music through headphones, and simultaneously enjoy being brought into a different state of mind with high-quality brainwave entrainment and meditation technology. 

One thing I have always recommended to people that is to become very aware of their musical choices.  On the quest for peace, success, and spiritual mastery, it is very important to understand that music has a very strong effect on both your emotional state, and the dominant vibration of your personal energy system.  Music with uplifting lyrics, composition, and intention is very beneficial for you in a variety of ways, and can really bring you to the next level emotionally, if it makes you feel good.   

I really found the audios I tested to be quite ingenious!  Not only was I being transported to a different world through this type of meditation music, but I was also experiencing the power of high quality brainwave entrainment to match the overall “mood” and desired effect of the composition.

Another thing about these guys that I greatly enjoy is their variety.  They’ve really got something for everything, from audios to boost your IQ and increase productivity, to audios that stimulate the pineal gland, or bring you into a deep trance to heal and improve health 

And aside from their musical compositions from various artists, they also have a line of products that does something completely new in this area of discovery, called dream programming. 

Dream programming is a new, state of the art breakthrough in the self-development world.  It has been found that if you repeat a thought, or message to yourself while you are falling asleep, it will actually program your unconscious to dream about it.  This is of great benefit to you because a dream is very vivid, and gives you a full and realistic experience, emotionally and mentally.

For example, if you are striving to use the law of attraction, and create something like, say, an increase in your income of $100,000 a year, when you dream about it, you actually get to experience that feeling, experience what it would actually be like, and often times have that memory upon waking to hang onto when you are doing work in creating more of that feeling and vibration. This is just as powerful as having a memory of it actually happening!   The dream programming audios have something for just about anything you may be looking for: waking up feeling energized and refreshed, becoming financially free, finding a perfect job, attracting your perfect soul-mate, and increasing your confidence and mental creativity.  Very exciting stuff!

Another great meditation music contribution they have made is their sacred frequencies line, where they work more on the vibrational sound healing level, and specifically with the sacred and ancient solfeggio frequencies.  These have been one of their most popular products, with rave reviews. 

I encourage you to read some of their testimonials.  They literally have over 13 pages of them on the site!  Not bad for a relatively new business.

If any of this sounds interesting, do check out their site at, and download their 3 free audios.  One will help you experience deep healing at the delta level, another is designed to boost your extra sensory perception and creativity, and the third is made to boost your energy and enhance productivity. 

Really, if you are looking for something fun, and to add some variety to your self-development or meditation routine, these guys are my highest recommendation.  Again, they’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re looking to seriously increase your income, meet that perfect someone you’ve been looking for, or just chill out to some great music (they have something from nearly every genre) and get the added benefits of brainwave entrainment

Oh, and PS, the brainwave entrainment is very good too. (I hope you wouldn’t expect anything less from my recommendations.)

Again, it’s  Please feel free to post a comment below and let us all know what your experience is with them!

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