The Morry Method Truths and Myths

The Morry Method Truths and Myths

morry method brain waves truths and myths

Is The Morry Method All That It’s Stacked Up to Be?

I’m writing this article from my perspective of someone who’s rigorously tested many of the leading programs on brainwave entrainment, including the Morry Method, and as someone who also makes a considerable amount of effort to make some of the BEST that this industry has to offer readily available to anyone interested in utilizing this type of technology.

I was inspired to write this after a recent conversation with a customer of mine, who requested a refund for some of the high-quality audios he purchased on my site, one for $1, and one for $6.95.  Whenever I find out that someone wants a refund from me, I am very curious about what I could have done better to have kept my customer more happy with their purchase.  Customer service 101.

It turns out this particular customer was not happy with the audios because they had a soundtrack mixed with the tones.  This made me quite certain that this customer had been on a Morry Method sales page (being familiar with the sales page myself), and had been exposed to the claim from that sales page that any background sounds, music, etc, will only distract the brain from being able to fully entrain with the tones of any particular brainwave entrainment pattern.  Though I was more than happy to refund this customer’s money, I advised him to do some deeper research into this claim, and told him my personal opinion and experience was that

Musical and auditory soundtracks do not debilitate the brain’s ability to entrain to the tones.  In fact, in many cases, they actually make the technology MORE EFFECTIVE

Now I endorse the Morry Method products on my site.  Having personally tested their audios and products for over 6 months, I feel that they are very good quality products, and do a great job at achieving the results that one can expect from brainwave entrainment.  I also think their pricing is quite reasonable.

At the same time, I believe that a few of the claims that this company makes to sell their products are not entirely true… In fact, some would assert that the sales tactics used to sell the Morry Method products are not exactly honest.  I wanted to explore a few of these claims and give you my perspective, being both a tester and creator of brainwave entrainment audios.


Claim #1: Pure Tones Are the Only Way to Go

One of the largest claims on the Morry Method website is that any background noise (ie: nature sounds, bells, chimes, etc.) or any music on a brainwave entrainment audio will take away the brain’s ability to fully entrain to a track.  By the time I made it to read this sales page, I had already gone through the Holosync program for over 2 years, had been through the Super Mind VIP Club from start to finish, and had also tested out a program called Lifeflow in between.  All three of these products used nature sounds, chimes, other relaxing sound effects, and music.  And the bottom line is that ALL of these programs worked.  Every single one of them worked quite well, and, if you know my reviews, I will tell people that some of the most powerful audios I’ve ever experienced are from the Super Mind VIP Club.

Though this is just my subjective experience, there is also another important thing to understand about why this claim is not so legitimate.  The majority of software being used to make brainwave entrainment audios these days (including what I use) gives people the ability to embed MULTIPLE different types of brain waves patterns into the background music and sound effects.  A very well-developed brainwave entrainment audio, with a soundtrack, will not only have the main track of binaural beats, isochronic tones, or monaural beats, but it will also have different types of enhanced entrainment in the soundtrack itself. 

This has gotten quite advanced and there are many different ways to do this.  For example, an audio can be programmed to make the soundtrack very subtly move back and forth from the left side of the speaker to the right, at the same rate and beat of the main entrainment track.  It can also pinpoint certain sound effects and subtly make their volume move up and down to this same beat.  These are just two examples of more than 6 different methods to add efficiency to the ability for the brain to entrain to the audio through the soundtrack itself.

In fact, some of the best audios I have ever listened to do not even use isochronic tones, monaural beats, or binaural beats.  The makers of the audios have done such a fantastic job at finding the right sounds, and the right music, that they are able to very effectively use only the above described methods to fully entrain the brain to the track.

Another strong point to make here is that Morry himself contradicts this claim with his product line called “Triliminals” 

These audios are brainwave entrainment mp3s, with three different voices of affirmations playing the whole time in the background.  If music and sound effects keep the brain from fully entraining, then why wouldn’t someone’s voice talking in the background do the same?  I believe music and nature sounds are much more smooth and mellow than the sound of a human voice personally.

Don’t get me wrong, the pure tones do work quite well too, but I have to say that my thoughts are that this assertion on the Morry Method website, being displayed as immutable fact, is really more of a sales tactic to set the audios apart from the competition (not to mention it takes a great deal less time and resources to incorporate a good soundtrack into an audio.)  I consider it more of a personal preference, and truly sometimes I do get a hankering to just listen to the pure tones.  When I do, I use the Morry Method audios and am happy with the results.


Claim #2:  Isochronic Tones and Monaural Beats Provide More Powerful Stimulation to the Brain

It has become popular opinion of late that the newer methods of using monaural beats and isochronic tones are far superior to binaural beats.  I’ve written on this before, and I still think there is great value in keeping the good old fashioned binaural beats, and using them in conjunction with the newer isochronic tones and monaural beats.  Why?  Because they all have a different effect on the brain.  They “exercise” it, and stimulate those neural pathways in different ways.  Though it’s mostly agreed that monaural beats and isochronic tones provide more of a “smooth” entrainment (keep in mind we’re talking about subtleties here), it is also known that binaural beats give the brain a workout in a different way.

Because binaural beats put a different frequency in each ear, and push the brain to create it’s own reconciliation between the two, it’s working in a slightly different manner to achieve the entrainment.  This process has also been supposed to help better synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain, because they are basically being “forced” to work together to create their own “phantom” tone.  It’s an effort that only succeeds when the left and right hemispheres work as a team.

So again, I think this is more of a marketing tactic to help set the products apart from the rest, and this tactic has become more and more popular with the introduction of the newer methods of isochronic tones and monaural beats in almost every competing brainwave entrainment program on the market.

But here’s another thing about the Morry Method’s sales page 

When striving to prove this point on the Morry Method site, they use pictures that are supposedly “brainwave readings” to illustrate that isochronic tones and monaural beats produce bigger “peaks and valleys in brain stimulation” when being listened to.  Though these pictures are very convincing, they are not actually pictures of the brain being acted upon by this technology.  They are just pictures of the sound waves produced by these beats themselves.  So what is being shown to you as “brainwave activity” is actually just a picture of a sound wave, no brain.

Again, I do believe that the product they are selling is effective, but I also think it’s important for anyone making a purchase through this company, or using the claims made on their sales page as a frame of reference to understand that these pictures and claims are not valid evidence, and you also might want to consider that this is, in a way, deliberately dishonest. 


Claim #3: Morry Zelcovitch Is The ONLY Certified Brainwave Entrainment Creator In the World

 To my knowledge, and to the knowledge of those who have researched this statement, this claim is not confirmable.  I do not personally know of anyone or anywhere that “certifies” people in brainwave entrainment.

The truth is that to really make some high quality brainwave entrainment audios, you just need to understand how the process works, how to use the software and tools that you have available, and having an EEG to plug into while you’re listening to the audios you’ve created to measure the results definitely helps.

So I don’t know if Morry is really “A certified expert in brainwave entrainment”.  This fact has yet to be truly corroborated.  But I do know that you don’t need to be certified to make good audios.  There are many good audios out on the market today, and nobody but Morry here has claimed to be certified. 



In conclusion, my point is that yes, the Morry Method works quite well.  I was very happy with the results I got from using Quantum Confidence.

But at the same time, I think it’s undeniable that this company has gone way over the top in their advertising to sell their products, to the point that they have fudged the truth, and even played many of the seekers in this field as fools.  We have to be honest here about certain claims that are made in the self-help industry.  Yes, brainwave entrainment is a powerful tool, but when someone tells you you can completely fix all of your problems by getting brainwave entrainment technology to release endorphins into your brain and body, this is going overboard.  Brainwave entrainment alone will not change poor confidence and self-esteem into rock-solid self assurance.  It can definitely help, but this technology is not the “magic fix” to all your problems – a fast food approach to get something for nothing.

Granted Quantum Confidence also comes with a meditation audio that also helps to initiate this process of building confidence and self-esteem, but overall I believe that they have tried a little too hard to advertise, and have crossed the line a bit in the claims and promises they have made on their sales page.

I think the moral of the story is that, even in the field of self-help and spirituality, businesses are still businesses.  People are still ultimately working to SELL their products, and we would all be wise to take everything that is said about technologies and practices that we are not familiar with with a grain of salt, filtered through our own research and judgement. 


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