Music And The Brain: 4 Ways Music Affects You And You Haven’t Considered

Music And The Brain: 4 Ways Music Affects You And You Haven’t Considered

I like to consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of audio technology.  Specifically the type of audio technology that can be used to facilitate profound self-growth, reprogramming of the mind, and increased self-awareness.  If you’ve visited my site, before, you’ve probably already noticed that this is what I do, review audio technology, whether it’s self-hypnosis, or brainwave entrainment audios, or neuro-linguistic programming material.

I absolutely love the idea that you can play something in your car, or put on a pair of headphones, and effortlessly influence your mind and brain in a powerful and positive way.  I am a HUGE advocate of these types of products, and have used them myself for over 10 years to achieve the dreams, goals, and aspirations that I have for myself.

But with all the cool stuff out there these days, there’s one audio technology that I sometimes feel is neglected.  This technology has been around for centuries, and can be used for myriads of different uses and effects.  It can be used to enhance pleasure, provoke emotion, to influence, or even brainwash.  It can also be used to torture, to harm, or to profoundly heal.  

No matter what the quality or the purpose of this technology, it is always very reasonably priced, and often times free and shared.  If you’re not consciously using it to your advantage, I can guarantee that you are still being unconsciously influenced by it, probably every day.

What I am talking about here, of course, is music.  Good old music.

How music affects the brain

Scientific studies have shown that music can have a profound influence on the brain, in a variety of ways.  It can increase serotonin and dopamine, it can also increase adrenaline and cortisol levels.  It can put you in a mild to heavy trance, and it can develop or hinder development in certain specific regions of the brain.

Music is powerful stuff.  And I wouldn’t be giving everyone who follows my materials the whole picture if I didn’t place an emphasis on it, because it can be used as an incredibly potent catalyst for self-growth and self-development.


Every song you listen to carries with it an energy, an attractor field, an intention, and (especially if it has lyrics) a message.  Every single thing you listen to, whether it’s that poppy song from the radio, or a classical piece at a fancy restaurant, has an effect on you.  It can be very easy for all of us to sweep this away, and decide that the effect must be too small to make a difference, but here is where you give a great deal of power and potential away.  

There are a few very good reasons why music is a massive influential force in programming your mind:

1. It’s Repetitive

When you get an album you like, or have a song you love, you’re going to listen to it over and over again.  You’ll play it in your car and pay attention to it, and you’ll play it in the background at parties or while you’re doing other things.  One day you’ll realize that without even trying, you’ve memorized most of the lyrics.  Even when you’re not listening to it, it will be playing in your head, making you hum or want to sing the lyrics out loud.  Tell me this isn’t having an impact on your life, your thoughts, and feelings.

2. It Evokes Emotion

Emotion is a key ingredient in programming the mind, and also the mind’s creation of reality.  When the brain experiences a strong emotion, it begins to “rain down” proteins, and neurochemicals that create the absolute most fertile ground for new neural pathways to spring from.  Emotions create beliefs, new thought patterns, and new habits that associate with the brain’s pain/pleasure responses.

3. It Puts You in a Trance

Science has found that listening to a steady beat puts you in a mild trance.  This is, in fact, the basic gist of what brainwave entrainment technology is.  But music is different, in that when you listen to that steady beat, you are also being taken on an emotional ride, and are also being introduced to mental/emotional concepts, or stories, or other people’s beliefs.  

You wouldn’t ever allow a hypnotist to put you into trance, and then repeat stories and messages about failed relationships, pain, or frustration would you?  Of course not.  How about letting them put you in trance and repeat messages about how great it is to drink alcohol and go to the bar, or have sex.  Sure a drink and some sex might be nice, but you wouldn’t want to program this into your mind would you?  Well this is exactly what people are doing when they listen to the large majority of the music being played these days on mainstream radio.

4.  Your Body Has an Electromagnetic and Biological Reaction to It

Every frequency has an effect on your energy field, and every harmony, musical scale, and composition has a unique effect on your electromagnetic energy, and your physical body.  It’s been known for a long time that if you blast death metal at a plant too often that it will decline in health and die.  On the other hand, if you play classical music to this same plant, it will literally produce measurable (yet subtle) signs of biological excitement and health.  You might even go as far as to say that the right music makes plants “happy”.

I’m sure you’ve also seen what happens when you play a certain musical frequency into a plate or bowl filled with sand (if you haven’t already, you should really look this up on youtube.)  Certain musical notes will automatically arrange the sand into these beautiful, geometrically intricate patterns, and certain notes will create total disharmony and random, chaotic patterns.  

This same thing occurs at a molecular level in your own body when you listen to music!  

Consciously Using Music to Evolve (Further Effects of Music On The Brain)

The best way to sum up how to use music to evolve yourself is to BE AWARE!  Just like you wouldn’t let some negative person sit next to you all day and silently speak whiny, negative, or misleading words to you, don’t let yourself be exposed to this crap in music either.  Do your best to know what’s being said in the music you listen to.  Be aware of whether the message, the sentiment, or the emotion is something that aligns with you.  Be aware of how you think, feel, or act from listening to the music you’re around.

If you find that some of the music you’re listening to has a negative message, be done with it.  You don’t need negative influences in your life, let alone ones that are so cleverly slipping in to your unconscious mind.  Here are a few general themes that show up over and over again in popular music that, when thought about consciously, are obviously harmful to your well-being:

-Relationship problems, sadness over losing a loved one, frustration with the opposite sex.  (This can probably sum up over 50% of mainstream music)

-Alcohol abuse and how awesome it is to “be all up in the club”

-Anger, general complaining, negativity

-Satanism or violence (a common theme in death metal)

-Degrading thoughts and attitudes about women (a common theme in rap music, even though I see women who greatly hate to be degraded blasting these songs and dancing to them)

-Subtle attitudes about life and/or oneself that are not helpful to one’s success or self-image.

The last one is where it is important to pay attention.  There are all kinds of ways where thought can be directed in a direction that is not helpful.  Many people making mainstream music ARE very confused and immature, and you can see this when you really pay attention to their lyrics.  You are better than that.  Don’t let a catchy tune influence the way you think and believe.  

After being able to limit music that negatively influences you as much as possible, you can also have a great deal of fun introducing yourself to music that POSITIVELY influences you.  When you really pay attention to this, you may be surprised that there are also a lot of popular bands and famous musicians out there that openly sing about their spiritual path, their love, their positive realizations, and their passion and commitment to higher ideals.  You might think that the advice I’m giving you would turn you into a prude about music, but there’s a lot of really good stuff out there that’s really good for you, and really catchy and amazing too.

This is just another aspect of us becoming conscious of our world and ourselves, and learning to take full accountability for our creative power as individuals.

I hope that this article inspires you to bring more positive into your life!  Every little detail counts!

Yours Truly,



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