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It seems like, for some,  hypnosis can be a vastly misunderstood subject.  You may think back to a few movies you’ve seen, where people are laying on the therapist couch, unconsciously talking about things they never knew about themselves.  Perhaps you’ve been to a hypnosis show, where the stage hypnotist puts people into a seeming trance, where he is free to command them to make fools out of themselves for your entertainment.

The reality of the matter

is that when using hypnosis for the sake of self-development, this type of thing just doesn’t happen.  A hypnosis session may relax you to the point that you drift off, but no one can ever really use words to put you into an unconscious state where you will act on/believe anything they say.  It just doesn’t work like that.

What hypnosis will really do

is put you into a mild, trance-like state, where your conscious mind is put at ease.  When this is done, your subconscious mind is a thousand times more receptive to suggestion, as the subdued conscious mind is not heavily filtering or objecting to these suggestions.  You will never really be unconscious, or not in control during a hypnosis session, unless you fall asleep.

One of the best companies I have found, in terms of audio hypnosis that can be purchased and listened to at home is Natural Hypnosis.  Obviously a hypnosis session will never be quite as effective from a pre-recorded audio as it would be from a face to face meeting with a licensed hypnotherapist, but, in my opinion, the Natural Hypnosis team is one of the best sources you can find for this type of product, without having to fork out an arm and a leg for hypnosis therapy.

And these hypnosis audios do actually work quite well, enough for me to feel good about recommending them to you.

Natural Hypnosis is one of the few companies I talk about that do not use brainwave entrainment technology in their audios.  What is amazing about them, and what really got me hooked on their products is that they really don’t need to.  I’m not sure if it is the vocal control, or the scripts or technique they use, but these guys are highly skilled in leading you into a deep, relaxing, trance state.

Not only are they good at getting you to relax into trance, but their sessions and scripts are very unique, and entertaining.  They seem to have a way of giving you positive suggestions in a symbolic way that bypasses your conscious mind.

 For example, if you bluntly tell someone that is constantly getting sick that they never get sick, their conscious mind is instantly going to object to this suggestion, no matter how deep in trance they are.  It’s just not what they are experiencing, so they are obviously going to resist this.  But, if you tell them a story, or have them imagine an impersonal situation that gives them the feeling of being healthy and resilient on a regular basis, this type of suggestion will slip past the objections of the conscious mind, and into the subconscious where they can have an effect.

These guys have several different audios for a variety of things, and you can try out three of them for free by visiting their site.  The one that I love, that really worked for me was their public speaking album.  They’ve also got some cool Law of Attraction type albums, and some state of the art Health albums. 

The Free Hypnosis MP3 Downloads are totally worth checking out, too!

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