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Privacy Policy and Handling of Personal Data

(In plain English)

We do not, have not, and will not ever sell any of your personal information whatsoever to third parties, other businesses, advertising agencies, or anyone else who might want it for any purposes.

Please read through for specific information on how we handle any of your personal data that may be collected on


This website uses session cookies to help give you a more convenient experience. These cookies store your session on our site in an anonymous fashion which does not give us any access to your personal information (name, IP address, etc.). We do not store a session cookies for you unless you have given your consent by clicking the “I agree” button on our cookie notification that comes up at the bottom of the screen when you first land on the site.

We use session cookies to:

-Keep your shopping cart current with the items you have added should you leave the shopping cart page or the website altogether.

-Ensure that our opt-in pop ups do not continue to annoy you after you have already seen them once.

Session cookies are automatically deleted within 1 week of your last visit to the site.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics. This sends certain data about your behavior on our site to Google. This data is anonymized in a way that we are not able to see your name, IP address, email address, etc. In other words, any data that we can view in Google Anayltics enables us to see what pages were visited, what paths were taken through the site, how much time was spent per page, and what purchases were made, without us being able to see any personal information about who you are.

Any data collected by Google Analytics in our account is automatically deleted within 14 months. Any data collected by Google that is not affiliated with brainwavelove or our Google Analytics account is subject to your terms and agreements with Google.


By subscribing to our email list(s) you agree to receive emails from us. Your email address is stored in our email service provider, Aweber’s, database along with the name you provide us with in the opt in box (your real name is not required for you to do this). Our email lists are subscribed to by entering your name and email into our opt-in pop up boxes that show up on the page you land on.

At any given time, you may unsubscribe from our email list(s) by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button that appears at the bottom of every email we send. Text is always provided in our emails to clarify and point to this option. We don’t want to send emails to you that you don’t want any more than you want to receive them from us!

At any time you may also email and request that your email and name in our database be deleted and we will be happy to accommodate you 🙂

Payment and Shopping Data

As all payments are processed through Paypal, we do not ever have access to your credit card data (nor do we want that kind of reponsibility!). We do have access to information on what you purchased (otherwise we couldn’t send you your purchase!), when you purchased it, and your Paypal user account information via our Paypal account. This includes your Paypal email address and name as supplied to Paypal. This information is only available to us via our Paypal business account, and is not stored anywhere on

Upon checking out on, you are asked to supply your full name and email address. Note: your real name is not required! This information is used to then email you your purchase. We do not require that an account be set up on our site to make a purchase. The information that you supply on the checkout page is deleted within 30 days as per our business policy. You may make a request for us to delete this information sooner, or to send you this information at any time within those 30 days by emailing and we will be happy to honor your request.

Plug-ins and Additional Data Collection

The majority of websites (including ours) use what are called “Plug-ins” to help maximize functionality of the website. Sometimes certain plug ins collect certain personal data to help their function.

We use a plug-in called AutomateWoo to give us information on shopping cart activity, and to automatically send emails to those who may have left their shopping cart without completing their purchase.

Please note: we do not collect this data if you have not clicked “I agree” on our cookie notification, nor do we send emails for an abandoned shopping cart unless you have clicked the “Send me emails” box on our checkout page.

Any information that is collected via the AutomateWoo plugin is deleted within 30 days as per our business policy and can be deleted sooner, or sent to you upon your request by emailing

Our cookie notification that appears when you land on the website requires cookies itself to function to its full extent (funny right?). The cookie notification stores cookies so it knows to not keep showing up on the page every time to visit it. In other words, it does this so it doesn’t annoy you unnecessarily. These session cookies are automatically deleted within 1 week.


This web site contains links to other web sites. Please note that when you click on one of these links, you are moving to another web site. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of these linked sites as their privacy policies may differ from ours.

Don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions! We recognize the responsibility we hold in the storing and collection of your personal data, and do what we can to never collect any data of yours that could compromise you in the first place. This is why we do not require the creation of an account for purchases, and delete any and all information we collect to run the site monthly.

We also use strict security measures and tools to ensure that our site is never hacked, and have policies in place to ensure that even in the event that the site IS hacked, we do not have any data of yours that could be used against you or compromised.

We believe you have a right to anonymity. And we believe that you deserve to visit our website and/or make purchases from us without the fear of any negative repercussions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to further this objective.


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