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The Morry Method Review

 Ashton Aiden

(Also check out the second review I wrote after some more time of using the product: Quantum Confidence with The Morry Method)

The Morry Method brainwave entrainmentThe Morry Method is a product I have been wanting to write a review for quite some time, but I did prefer to wait longer and really make sure it delivers! If you’ve been following my posts for a while, you would have noticed that I am extremely focused on the scientific proof behind brainwave entrainment and the methods I talk about. This is why the Morry Method really drew my attention, as it has been created by one of the few Certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineers on the planet.

I first came across the Morry Method through a free sample offered through an ezine I read regularly.  The audio was called “Quantum Confidence-Lite“.  As I am already constantly trying out new brainwave entrainment products, as well as progressing through a few deeper levels of the program I am currently using, it took me some time to get down to actually listening to the audio.  It sat on my desktop for over a month.

Needless to say I have waded through many less-than-impressive brainwave entrainment audios over the past few years with the creation of this page, and I was feeling quite skeptical of this one!


 But when I got down to finally using the audio, I must say I was pleasantly surprised…


There were a few things that instantly popped out at me.  One was that there was no background music or nature sounds, as is very common in brainwave entrainment audios.  It was just pure tones, with some white noise that I found very pleasant, as it really helped to phase out any background noise that was going on in my house and outside at the time. You can get your free sample of this audio and check it out for yourself by clicking here

I also noticed a significant difference in the actual experience of the audio.  It was very effective in dropping me down into the theta state.  With this audio using primarily a monaural beat, it was intriguing to observe how well my state followed the change in the rhythm of the tones.

When I was done listening to the audio, I was hooked, and intrigued!  I felt very refreshed, and was pleased to have had a unique experience that I was not counting on.  One thing I greatly enjoyed about the audio was that not only was it powerful, but it felt incredibly natural and gentle.

I later visited the Morry Method site to do some research.  I must be quite honest and say that my first impression of Morry Zelcovitch was that he seemed a bit full of himself.  There was a bit of a cheesy picture of him on the site, and the text about him was a bit “braggy”.  As I was already quite impressed with the audio, I decided to suspend my judgement enough to do some research.

What I found on the site, and from listening to a half hour telephone interview with Mr. Morry Zelcovitch was quite impressive and intriguing.  It turned out that he is one of the only individuals in the world to be actually certified in the science and technology of brainwave entrainment and it seems that his expertise has helped him go a bit further in depth with his audios to ensure that they are top quality.


I’ll share a few key pointers from the Morry Method site that I found interesting:

One is that, through research, it has been found that any sound effect/tone playing during a brainwave entrainment track that is not actually related to the binaural beat/isochronic tone/monaural beat, will actually make it harder for the brain to entrain to the beat.  This was something I’d never heard before, as it is quite common for most brainwave entrainment audios to have some sort of background sound effects or music.  Morry Method audios have only the tones and a very specific type of pink noise in the background that is designed to help tune out any outside noise from your environment while listening.

Another interesting thing I learned about Morry Method audios is that they are targeted not mainly at what specific state one is being brought to, but more to what neuro-chemicals are being stimulated to be released from the brain while listening to them.  This is a very different and unique approach that I haven’t come across before.  Apparently, the Morry Method’s isochronic tones and monaural beats are made in a very specific way to promote the brain’s production of melatonin, serotonin, dopamine, cortisol, etc.  His most current and popular program “Quantum Confidence” is based on the effects that these neuro-chemicals can have on one’s level of confidence. Very cool!

I was also impressed to find out that both of Morry Zelcovitch’s programs come with sets of the same brainwave entrainment tracks, but using different frequencies and tones.  This allows you to find a custom C.D. that best works for you while using the program. Yet another thing I thought was unique and commendable.

The last thing to note about these audios is that, unlike the majority of the brainwave entrainment audios on the market today, they do not just stimulate the two hemispheres of the brain to synchronize with the same tones.  Some of the C.D.s you will get from this program are designed with isochronic tones to simultaneously stimulate the left and right hemispheres in different ways.  Though it is acknowledged on the page that whole-brain stimulation is very beneficial, it is also proposed that one can also benefit greatly from a unique approach, targeted specifically to each hemisphere.


The Morry Method Review Summary:

I have to say that, hands down, the Morry Method is one of the best and most high-quality brainwave entrainment products I have come across in a long time.  I have spent several months experimenting with it before writing this review, as it was very important to me that I thoroughly test it before recommending it.  Morry Zelcovitch has a very specialized knowledge in the making of brainwave entrainment, and the specifics in the way he designs his audios really make a large difference in the experience and the efficacy of their effect.

His site has a lot of interesting information on! One thing I found very intriguing was a full documented experiment of the Morry Method audios being tested on the Brazilian police force over the span of several months.  

Morry’s most recent program, Quantum Confidence, is targeted at increasing one’s core level of confidence, as this has been shown to have an effect on one’s level of success in all areas of life

The Morry Method comes with a whole wealth of bonus audios and materials!

Solfeggio harmonic audios to balance your energy field, a group of hypnotic audios called quantum triliminals (customized to help program your subconscious mind for success), and a few other cool brainwave entrainment tracks to help to meditate and sleep deeply.

You can also Download a FREE Workbook on increasing your core level of confidence by downloading the free quantum confidence light audio and signing up to their email list.

Again, I cannot recommend Morry Method products enough!  The work put into them, and the attention paid to their quality is VERY IMPRESSIVE.  You really owe it to yourself to check this out, if not just to download the free audio, and get the confidence workbook. 

P.S. If you know me, then you understand that I am very interested in your personal success. Because of this, I want to offer you free support, and some very special FREE GIFTS (worth over $155) to maximize the results you get from this program. These are some rare, and little known secrets about confidence and charisma that will give you an edge above the competition and the ability to double your results, while shortening the amount of time it takes to get them. Once you have clicked through to make your purchase, be sure to shoot me an email, letting me know that you have made the purchase through this page, and I will send you these secrets, completely free.


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  1. 1
    Friedrich Mader

    Hi Ashton

    I want you to know that I made the purchase of the Morry program through your page a few days ago. Can´t say much about the results so far. We´ll see what happens within the next 30 days.
    Thanks for your Reviews and best regards from Austria
    Fritz Mader

  2. 4

    Hi there
    Interesting analysis of the Morry Confidence recordings. Great that you took a lot of time to research and provide honest feedback.

    The one thing I don’t recall you mentioning is your personal experience with the program. You researched for quite some time but did you actually use the product for quite some time? IF so, would very much appreciate more details on your experience..e.g. how long have you utilized it, how long did you utilize it before you started seeing results, what specific results have you had?

    • 5

      Hi Dianne.

      I had used the Quantum Confidence program for about three months when I wrote the review. The first month I noticed that using the audios on a daily basis was helping me feel more happy and refreshed in general. The confidence meditation and triliminals started to make shifts for me around the second month, and were increasing even more the third month. I didn’t use the subliminal recordings as much as recommended, but I don’t think this hindered the overall effect of the program much.

      I continued using it for a few more months afterwards. I would have like to continue use of it past that, but with all the audios I have been testing lately I was on to another one. Overall this did help me make a big shift in my level of confidence, more like self-esteem though, generally feeling more secure in myself and comfortable with my own personality and in my own skin.

      The most exciting thing about it for me was that around the time I started seeing big results in my level of confidence I also noticed a big shift in my income. My monthly income increased quite significantly out of nowhere 🙂 I believe money and security in oneself are closely intertwined in this way, and this experience reinforced that belief.

  3. 7

    Hi Ashton, all the best to you.because u really give the best to people. Could you PLEASE kindly elaborate b4 you use Morry product is you doing your business well? What kind of changes you see in your life? How you use tmm confidence?the main reason is I want to changes in my one wise.and of cause want change my career as well.two 4 your genuine explanation.

    • 8
      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi there! I can definitely attest to seeing positive results in my life from using brainwave entrainment technology. When I began my journey the biggest thing that I noticed was that it was increasing my self-awareness, meaning specifically that I started to more easily notice things like emotional triggers, dwelling upon negative things as habits of thought, and other self-limiting things. As I became more aware, I was more easily able to make positive changes. It also developed me spiritually as well. That’s another story though…

      As far as your goals, I would say that Morry’s program is specifically designed to increase confidence. When it comes to changing your career this could be a good thing. If you are looking more for wisdom and spiritual/mental “advancement” I may also recommend our product, The Missing Link However, Quantum confidence does work well, and really gets you feeling good as you listen.

      Hope you find this reply helpful!



  4. 9

    Thank you for your words. However was difficult in the extreme to appreciate with the annoying icons to the left of the screen. I could not move them from blocking my view of your article. . So I did not finish.

  5. 13
    Deborah Wise

    Hi Ashton, I think a third party is getting in the way when we click on the free sample links. I couldn’t download the alpha mind control. I am enjoying your sleep better live better mp3. I listened to it about 12 times and I think I feel a difference in my attitude and confidence to pursue things in general. I am still continuing to listen to it because I think the more the better.

    • 14
      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi Deborah!

      So great to hear that the Sleep Well Live Well audio is working well for you! Thanks for your comment, we have some updating to do with this link. It is actually not available anymore as a free download from Jeffrey Gignac. You can check out our Free Stuff section on here for a few more free downloads though!

      Best wishes,


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