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A simple, easy way to achieve anything you set your mind to…

Whether you’re a business rockstar, a real rockstar, an aspiring artist, or an up and coming athlete, the Effortless Overachiever Package will give you…

Everything you need to have that edge that separates you from the competition, and drives you to effortlessly achieve INSANE RESULTS!

Be ready to unlock the other 98% of your brain, thus tapping into your true capacity to create, brainstorm, think sharp, and enjoy the entire process as it happens!

This amazing package is offered at this irrationally low price for a very limited time only and includes:


In The Zone

Listen to this audio whenever you want to enter into the “flow zone”, where your work and self-expression are fun and effortless.  I’m sure you know what this state is. You’ve been there before, but never before has it been so easy to enter this state at will.

This effortless state is one of the absolute keys to top performance, and maximum results in any endeavor. 

Performance Anxiety Reduction

Use this audio before that big business meeting, presentation, public speech, concert, or meeting with your boss to ensure that you are at ease, thinking positive, and using all of your mental resources to present yourself and your work in the most enticing and impressive manner. The frequencies of this audio have been specifically orchestrated to suppress dominant/subdominant brainwave patterns of fear and anxiety, and enhance patterns of confidence, energetic relaxation, and mental clarity.


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Creativity Overdrive

Never worry about not having any input at the board meeting again!  Get past those creative blocks and dry spells!  Find real solutions, and ingenious innovations! 

This audio is designed to lead you to a state, where you are in touch with your inner wisdom, subconscious intuition, and non-linear thinking abilities.  In this state, you simply relax, loosely focus on what you want/need, and just wait for the creative answers to come to you.  A few beneficial side effects of listening to this audio also include: deep relaxation, cleansing and refreshment of the mind, the stimulation of pleasurable endorphins in the body, and the resetting of the brain’s sodium/potassium ratio.

Mental Flexibility and Sharpen Mind

These two audios are designed to unlock your full mental potential, tap into the other 98% of the brain (that most of the competition does not have access to), and increase your IQ!

Studies have shown that regularly listening to brainwave entrainment can increase IQ by up to 30%!  Both of these audios can be listened to, while you are going about your business and doing other things.  Consider them a mental workout, kind of like attaching weights to your arms and legs as you walk and do things around the house to build strength.  It is suggested that you alternate between these two audios, listening to one of them on a daily basis.  The Mental Flexibility audio stimulates the brain and consciousness to be more dynamic and flexible, whereas the Sharpen Mind audio is aimed at sheer intelligence, quick thinking, and sharpness. 

Both are combined to unlock your true genius and put you in the above-average bracket, where top performance and excellence are a constant!




You would think that the audios themselves are more than enough, being offered at this ridiculously low price? Well, if you know me well enough, you’ll know that I am not the guy, who’ll just try to sell you stuff. I am  the guy, who is fully, entirely committed to…

Ensure YOU SUCCEEDflightss

This is why that’s not all!

This audio package also includes detailed instructions on how to use each audio to maximize your results

Now this is something you’ll rarely (or rather, almost never) find on ‘regular’ sites, offering various brainwave entrainment tracks. They would usually send you off with the track, and you may never again hear from them (unless they have something else to sell). If you’ve been on my list for a while, you’ll know this is not the case with me. With this package, I am also ensuring my continued FREE support to you, and

My personal commitment to your ongoing happiness and success!

So, what are you waiting for?

While the price is still hot and low..


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As with all of our products, The Effortless Overachiever comes with a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply shoot me an email and I will promptly refund your money, no questions asked.

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