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Upgrade Your Brain to the Next Level!

Improve memory, enhance cognition, quicken mental processing speed, and increase IQ.


Scientifically proven audio technology enables you to “upgrade” your brain with nothing more than a pair of headphones.


Have you ever found yourself mentally stuck in a rut or up against a wall while pursuing an important goal?  It could be:

  • College testing or studying issues
  • Difficulty remembering important responsibilities, information, or events
  • Mental “fog”, fatigue, or inability to concentrate
  • Difficulty understanding or retaining information
  • Feeling mentally slow, or low on wit at work or in social situations
  • A lack of inspiration or mental “Juice” while working on projects or goals.


We live in a very fast-paced and demanding world.  And with this demand comes a greater pressure to be sharp, innovative, creative, and on top of our game.  Unfortunately with this pressure also comes stressors and information overload that can inhibit our ability to reach our highest intellectual potential.


In our current phase of human evolution, our ability to thrive and succeed in this world is hardly about physical strength or prowess. We live in a world that is ALL about mental ability, intelligence, creativity, and ingenuity.


And this affects every aspect of your life as a human being:

-Your professional success and earning potential

-Your ability to attract a mate and maintain a fulfilling relationship

-Your ability to keep yourself and your family safe, make good decisions, and navigate through your own life and this world

-Your ability to build a life for yourself that is comfortable, successful, happy, and pleasurable.


In short, your ability to make good decisions, to think clearly, to remember important details, to think outside of the box, and to generate revolutionary ideas is a cornerstone to your success in life.




And to think that it all boils down to that squishy bowl of jelly that you keep inside of your skull…

 As I’m sure you already know, people will pay top dollar to enhance their brain-power, whether it’s in the form of information, seminars, so-called “nootropics”, brain training games, nutrition, etc.


But what I’m about to share with you is at the very cutting edge of brain-building technology.  In fact, I am going to suggest that this audio technology (as affordable and simple as it is) is quite likely the #1 most effective and powerful thing you can do to tap into the full potential of your brain.


The Promise of Brainwave Entrainment


Brainwave entrainment is an audio technology that utilizes what is most commonly known as “the frequency following response” to gently guide the brain into specific brainwave frequency patterns.  Generally a brainwave entrainment audio consists of a relaxing soundtrack with the technology subtly mixed in.


In simple terms, a brainwave entrainment track will have a tone or sound wave that pulsates at a specific frequency.  Within a few minutes of listening to this “beat”, the brain will begin to match that specific rhythm and begin to produce brainwave patterns that synchronize with that specific frequency. 

To Learn More About How Brainwave Entrainment Works Visit Our Knowledge and Resources Section


Aside from giving you the ability to produce whatever brainwave patterns you wish on demand (an ability that the human race has never had up until this point), this technology also gives the brain a unique type of stimulation that comes with a great deal of interesting side benefits:

  • Synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain-promoting greater whole-brain functioning
  • Increased production of beneficial hormones like serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, and HGH (Click here to learn more)
  • Increased blood flow to the brain
  • Rapid forming of new neural pathway


Scientific Studies Show Brainwave Entrainment’s Potential as “Genius Juice”


Brainwave entrainment has been used for a variety of different purposes, including meditation, stress-relief, improving sleep, enhancing energy levels, or improving one’s mood.  But one of its most promising uses is in developing cognition and improving mental ability.


 In fact, this technology has been scientifically proven through research and controlled studies to be able to significantly improve and increase:

  • Visual motor coordination
  • Freedom from distraction
  • Memory (both short-term and long term)
  • Arithmetic skills
  • Reading skills
  • GPA averages in college students 
  • Focus and mental processing speed by up to 81% 
  • IQ levels by 15-30 points!


presentation-1559937_1280But please don’t take my word for this!  Check out just a few of the scientific studies that have been documented over the past few years:





In one study, 30 children with “learning disabilities” participated in 6 weeks of gamma brainwave stimulation and were tested using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Third Edition (WISC-III).  At the end of the study, the average improvements were as follows:

  • Mental Processing Speed/Visual Motor Coordination increased from 6.9 to 10.6
  • Freedom from Distractibility increased from 13.2 to 17.5
  • Visual Short-Term Memory and Sequencing increased from 6.0 to 8.2
  • Arithmetic/Number Ability and Short-Term Memory increased from 6.2 to 8.3
Reference: Olmstead R. Use of auditory and visual stimulation to improve cognitive abilities in learning-disabled children. J Neurother. 2005;9(2):49-61.


In another study, students were given 7 weeks of both alpha and beta entrainment sessions, being tested before and after on their readings skills using the STAR (Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading).  A control group was also used to further compare results.  After the 7 weeks:

  • The group given brainwave stimulation increased their reading percentile rank by 7.2
  • The control group’s percentile rank actually decreased slightly by 1.2
Reference: Joyce M, Siever D. Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) program as a treatment for behavior disorders in a school setting. J Neurother. 2000;4(2):9-25


A study by Dr. Thomas Budzynski compared a test group of university students given beta stimulation with a control group, measuring improvement in GPA average throughout the following semester.  Students given the brainwave stimulation received one 15-minute session, 5 days per week for 6 weeks.  At the end of the study:

  • Students who received the beta training increased their GPA the following semester by an average of .62 points
  • The control group’s GPA decreased by .22 points the following semester
Reference: Budzynski T, Jordy J, Budzynski HK, Tang H, Claypoole K. Academic performance enhancement with photic stimulation and EDR feedback. J Neurother. 1999;3(3-4):11-21


In yet another highly conclusive study, subjects were given beta stimulation daily for 15 days, and tested using the WISC-3 freedom from distractibility scales and mental processing speed. 

  • The average increase for focus and attention was astounding at 81%!
  • Interestingly enough, there was also an 81% increase in their mental processing speed scores as well. 
  • The control group that did not receive beta stimulation showed no notable increase whatsoever.
Reference: Patrick GJ. Improved neuronal regulation in ADHD: An application of 15 sessions of photic-driven EEG neurotherapy. J Neurother. 1996;1(4):27-36


 These are just a few examples of the growing body of evidence to show the unfathomable potential of this technology to boost your mental abilities!


The Genius Bundle



The Genius audio bundle has been developed through the most current research on which brainwave patterns super-charge cognitive function.

Whether you are aiming to come up with more ingenious ideas in your professional life, increase your mental wit, enhance your creativity, improve your memory, or succeed in college, the genius bundle will give you everything you need to upgrade your brain to the next level.


What Is Included in the Genius Bundle:


Brain Upgradebrain-lifting-weights

This audio is central to the Genius Bundle and can quite literally be considered a “hardware upgrade” to your brain.  This audio is designed to:

  • Stimulate gamma frequency range brainwaves that enhances many different functions of the brain, including:
    • Memory
    • Problem solving
    • Assimilation of information
    • Cognition
    • Mental processing speed
    • Development of empathy and compassion
    • IQ
    • Awareness of the five senses
    • Spiritual and subtle awareness
  • Promote the exchange of information between areas of the brain that do not ordinarily communicate with each other.
  • Encourage the development of a “calm and relaxed state of high focus and awareness”
  • Generally speaking, the brainwave pattern of this audio has been found to upgrade mental/emotional function in all regards.



study-1231394_1920Focus and Concentration Upgrade

The frequency pattern of this audio has been the subject of several clinical studies, and has been found to be particularly useful in cases of ADD/ADHD, general issues with concentration, and even learning and behavioral disorders (in both children and adults)*



Use this audio to:

  • Remedy trouble focusing or concentrating
  • Clear “mental fog”
  • Increase mental stamina in absorbing information
  • Help yourself remain still, calm, and focused.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  If you are suffering from a clinically diagnosed mental disorder, please consult a licensed health-care professional.  This audio is not recommended for children under the age of 18.


Provoking Geniusneurons-1739997_1920

This unique and POTENT audio uses a specific brainwave pattern exclusive to brainwavelove that has been observed in high functioning overachievers as they process information, and come to moments of clarity.  This is the brainwave pattern of the “AH HA!” moment; the spontaneous inspiration spoken of by the geniuses of our planet. 

This audio:

  • Greatly increases mental flexibility
  • Increases the brain’s ability to fluidly move through this particular pattern, eliciting more spontaneous moments of genius realization and inspiration.
  • Helps with brainstorming and thinking outside of the box
  • Improves the ability to understand and problem solve at a higher level of intelligence
  • Increases awareness at the mental, emotional, and spiritual level.


Warning: This is audio will provoke powerful shifts in perspective, and has the tendency to reveal new previously unconscious information related to the issues, endeavors, and situations in your life.  Though this gives you a major advantage in your life, it can also be mentally/emotionally challenging.  Care and caution is advised. 


Peak Performancesuperhero-534120_1920

This audio is in the SMR range-another realm of genius and high performance.  Often this particular brainwave activity is found super-imposed upon high alpha brainwaves, during times when the body is still, and the mind is absolutely sharp and focused.  A good analogy is a cat holding completely still as it watches with total concentration before it pounces its prey. 

Training the brain with the SMR range will help to:

  • Sharpen the mind
  • Enable the brain to more easily fall into effortless, relaxed, yet highly alert states of function.
  • Foster emotional stability and more happy mind-sets
  • Counteract difficulties with concentration, focus, or hyper-activity
  • Improve hand-eye coordination and related physical/athletic abilities


anatomy-1751138_1280Super Learning

This audio fluidly moves the brain through a gamma range that becomes present in the processing and learning of advanced information. When this brainwave range is present, information is being processed at a higher speed and efficiency, and the brain is involving more areas in its processing and storing of this information.




Use this audio to:

  • Improve information retention while learning and studying
  • Super-charge your endeavors to process new information and learn a new skills
  • Integrate learning with more areas of the brain and more dynamic neural pathways
  • Increase the connection between areas of the brain that do not ordinarily communicate


Super Integrationman-1069219_1920

This audio is in the alpha range and compliments the Super Learning audio.  This audio is best used during a period of time while you are learning a new skill, or taking in information (ie: while studying for midterms or finals)  If desired, you may also listen to this audio WHILE taking in information, by simply relaxing, disengaging the rational conscious mind, and allowing the subconscious to handle everything.

  Use this audio to:

  • Help the brain fully integrate, store, and process information you have taken in during the day.
  • Process information with greater understanding and retain it with greater accuracy
  • Improve memory recall
  • Passively intake information at the subconscious level




“My job requires me to always be on my toes mentally.  I deal with high-stress situations, numbers, conflict resolution… basically upper level corporate junk.  Just a few weeks of listening to Brain Upgrade has gotten me feeling so sharp again!  I’ve been sucking down coffee and even tried some of the different supplements that are on the market just to help me feel like my head is above water, but this is something entirely different.  I really feel on the top of my game again!”

-Jennifer, VI


“Hey Ashton I really have to thank you brother for giving me the free trial with the Genius package.  I’ve always felt like I have a real witty side.  I used to always be the guy who could crack that joke at just the right time.  Or get into a good debate, but lately I’ve been feeling stuck, like I had a fog or a block in my head and I wasn’t able to express what I wanted to at the right time.  Listening to these audios has perked me up a lot.  Even my girlfriend has noticed a difference in me.  I’ve used your other programs to relax and meditate but this one was really unexpected in what it did for me.  Really appreciate what you’re doing out there.”

-Marco, AZ


“I’ve been working full time and going to school full time while sharing partial custody of my girl with the ex.  Needless to say it’s hard to stay focused, find the time, get the sleep, etc.  These audios have not only helped me a lot with my finals but have improved my energy levels quite a bit.  Thanks a million.”

-Sam, CO


“Ok Ashton, I’m not usually the type to write feedback but I had to contact you and tell you what happened when I was listening to your [Provoking Genius] audio.  I listened on Tuesday and Thursday this week, and then again this morning (Saturday).  A few minutes after listening today I started to feel a strange sensation of uneasiness.  Then all of a sudden I felt overwhelmed with emotions about the relationship I am in right now.  We’ve been going through problems and I’ve felt helpless, like I’ve been beating my head against a brick wall not knowing what to do.  As I was going through this I realized that I was looking at the situation in a way that I’d never looked at it before.  It was like seeing it from a whole different angle, or a different viewpoint.  It gave me a realization that had been so obvious the whole time and yet I NEVER SAW IT!  Not only did this help me see things differently but there was a huge emotional release and tears were streaming down my face!  I’m talking to him tonight and I feel really good about what will come of this.  Fingers crossed J  You told me to be careful and that this was a powerful audio but I did not expect this!  Will let you know how things turn out.  Can’t wait to try some of the other audios next month!”

-Aubrie, WA


Each of the 6 audios in this bundle are worth a minimum of $15-$20 each, leaving the total value of this package around $90.  I know this is something that everyone is in need of right now (yes I’ve been reading your emails) and I want to be able to put this bundle in as many hands as possible.  For the rest of the year I am going to be offering it at $49.99.



As powerful and effective as these audios are, I am also including a copy of my new book “Brain Hacking”, to make sure that you can really get the most out of this package.  This book includes:

  • Cutting edge information on diet and nutrition to optimize brain function
  • A brain-training game that has been scientifically proven to increase IQ, multitasking ability, and working memory (and a link to download this game for free)
  • 4 safe, affordable, and effective supplements that work much better than the so-called “nootropics” on the market today. (They’re also much cheaper and better for you.)
  • 2 old-school, time-tested methods for drastically improving intelligence and brain power that everyone overlooks (and a free resource to make it easier than ever before to use them)



As with any of my products, I stand by my 100% unconditional money-back guarantee.  If you are unsatisfied with this product in any way simply shoot me an email and I will send you a refund right away, no questions asked.

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