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Remove the #1 Block to Living Your Full Potential

Your Tool for Radical Positive Change

At the very deepest core of your unconscious mind, there is a lie.

This lie has been with you since the moment you were born and has, unbeknownst to you, interwoven into every experience you have had, and every experience you are currently having.

This lie is not just a simple negative belief, but the foundation from which every negative belief you have about yourself and the world springs from.

Like a splinter stuck under your skin, this lie has been sabotaging your efforts and blocking you from expressing your most amazing abilities, becoming your most empowered self, and living the life that you know you deserve to live.

Up to this point, it has affected every area of your life:

  • Your ability to form and maintain happy and satisfying relationships

  • The amount of money you are able to earn and hold onto

  • The level of self command and self discipline you have

  • The way you treat your body and your ability to stay healthy, lose or maintain your ideal weight, and stay youthful and young

  • Your ability to be happy, joyful, and at peace with yourself and life.

Well this is about to change, because I am going to share with you the secret to putting an end to this once and for all.


The Personal Law

The Personal Law practice is a simple, but illuminating technique that enables you to cut through the mirrors of your own mind and pinpoint the specific negative belief that has been tampering with your life-script from the very beginning.  This negative belief is called your Personal Lie. 

After you have identified your Personal Lie, you are then able to create a custom affirmation, or new life script, to neutralize and replace your Personal Lie. 

Just doing this practice alone is incredibly powerful.  The first time I learned this, I was able to use it to double my income, buy a house with almost NO money, and attract my first healthy intimate relationship into my life.  This all happened within 2 short months.

I have seen countless people use this technique with similar or even more dramatic events.

However, this practice is just the beginning of the Personal Law package…


The Power of Modern Audio Technology

The Personal Law Package takes the proven power of the Personal Law practice and combines it with two of the most catalytic modern audio technologies to turn it into an unstoppable vehicle of self-transformation:

  1. Brainwave Entrainment
  2. Subliminal Audio Messages 


Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave Entrainment enables your brain to produce specific brainwaves that are beneficial to your health, brain- power, and mental/emotional well-being.  The brainwave entrainment frequencies in this program will effectively  resolve deep-seated emotional trauma, clear negative blockages, and release negative belief patterns.

There is also an audio included that is specifically designed to increase IQ, concentration, and mental sharpness.

Click here to visit our knowledge and resources section to learn more about brainwave entrainment.

Subliminal Messages 

Every audio in this program is embedded with a full range of Personal Law affirmations to reverse ANY personal lie, and create a firm foundation at the deepest level of your mind of new, beneficial beliefs that will enable you to thrive in all areas of life.

These are core-level affirmations that will act like seeds planted in the garden of your mind, sprouting to form roots, branches, and leaves of new belief systems that will enable you to:

  • Make more money and succeed professionally
  • Live with rock-solid confidence
  • Attract positive, healthy, and fulfilling relationships (whatever that means for YOU)
  • Bring health and balance to your body and mind
  • Be at peace with yourself and life

An Important Note on Subliminal Messages

There are many different methods used by creators of subliminal technology.  Some of which may be more or less effective than others.  We use the method of reverse-speech, as it has been thoroughly researched in clinical settings and found to show extraordinary results.


When you place all of these elements together, you get an unstoppable machine that will:

Obliterate negative belief patterns

Make rapid and dramatic positive change at the deepest level of your mind

Increase your natural manifestation power

Empower you to effortlessly create life on your own terms

You see, the basis of this program is that you are naturally designed at the most intrinsic level to effortlessly create success, happiness, and abundance for yourself.  When you remove the block that has been thwarting this, it begins to happen automatically.


Altogether the Personal Law Package Includes:



The Personal Lie Workbook:

This will enable you to identify your own personal lie, and construct your own customized personal law script that you can then use to effect positive change at the deepest level of your mind.  This alone is enough to change you life in an unprecedented way.



The Personal Law Healing and Relaxation Brainwave Entrainment Audio:

One of the main pieces to the program, this audio uses brainwave entrainment frequencies in a range that has been clinically found to aid in the resolution of deep seated emotional trauma, the overcoming of negative beliefs, and the release from addictive tendencies in the brain.

It is also embedded with core-level personal law subliminal affirmations.



The Personal Law Focus and Attention Enhancer Brainwave Entrainment Audio:

This brainwave entrainment audio has been found through clinical research to help enhance one’s ability to maintain focus, attention, and concentration.  It has even helped students improve test scores and increase IQ levels!

This audio is also embedded with core-level personal law subliminal affirmations.


The Personal Law Audible Affirmations and Subliminal Audio: 

This audio plays all of the affirmations used as subliminal messages throughout the rest of the program audibly so you can process them with the conscious mind as well, and say them outloud if you wish!

This enables the conscious mind to be congruent with the subconscious and unconscious mind as you make these powerful shifts, and initiates what is known as “priming”, which makes the subliminal messages work better.

Aside from playing the affirmations audibly, this audio also still contains them in subliminal format as well.


Subliminal Music Audio:

This audio simply contains relaxing music that you can play anywhere, with the subliminal personal law affirmations mixed into the background.  This gives you the ability to expose yourself to the subliminal messages more often, at your own leisure, without having to listen to excess brainwave entrainment or affirmations throughout the day.  This audio can also be played on a loop while sleeping for maximum results!


Personal Law Package Guidebook:  

This guidebook will explain the details and exactly how to use the program to maximum benefit!



As with any of my products, this program comes with a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.  If for any reason you are not satisfied simply shoot me an email at and I will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.


One final note…

The personal law package is designed to create deep, permanent, and dramatic positive change at the deepest level of your mind.  It is set up to make this as easy as possible, and to work FAST.  

However, this is not a fast-food approach to self-development.  You will still need to do the work.  As with any program that creates powerful shifts in your life, you will have to face certain aspects of yourself that may, up until this point, have been hidden deep within your psyche.  As you upgrade your belief system, the negative beliefs that have held you back in the past will come up for you to experience.  This is a natural process.  To learn more about how this works, and to acquire some extra resources on how to move through this process, click HERE.


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