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  • Are you ready to awaken your full potential to live a prosperous and successful life?

  • Would you like to unlock the key to genuine, unshakeable confidence?

  • Are you willing to experience what it’s like to create harmonious and ideal relationships for yourself?

  • Do you want to discover the real secret to achieving your dreams, and why so many other methods fall short?

  • Are you ready to remove the #1 block to true joy from your life once and for all?


Uncover YOUR true IDENTITY!

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Are you ready to break free?

What if I were to tell you that you and 98% of the rest of the planet are in a trance right now? And that this trance is so powerful, so pervasive and all-encompassing, that nobody even knows that they are in it, or that they have the choice to break free of it.

What I’m talking about goes beyond things like learning to think positively, or overcoming emotional baggage, even beyond things like prosperity consciousness or law of attraction. Believe it or not, even these things are still modalities used from WITHIN the trance. It’s time to go beyond all this and truly step into a new way of being.

The time has come for you to awaken to your own unlimited potential

The way you’ve been living, the way you’ve been thinking and doing may have served you up to this point. However, if you are here reading this now, it is likely that you are beginning to realize that it’s time to do things differently. It’s time to wake up, and that’s exactly what The Missing Link will help you do.

When you combine the scientifically proven power of brainwave entrainment with the most effective methods for achieving foundational change, you get nothing short of miraculous results. Beyond mind power, you begin to tap into the unlimited power of your transcendental Self; your God-Self.

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More Than a Brainwave Entrainment Program


The Missing Link is much more than just a brainwave entrainment program. It is a fully integrated MEDITATION program with an approach that encompasses the full range of the meditative journey. Unlike many of the other programs out there, I am not just handing you audios and promising you magical results by doing nothing more than listening to them.

You and I both know that there is much more to meditation, and the level of mastery you are striving to achieve than just brainwave patterns. Though this IS a very important piece to the puzzle, it is only 1/4th of the total approach that this program takes.

Altogether The Missing Link is made up of four modules each month:

-Brainwave Entrainment
-Meditation Techniques
-Energy Body Practices
-Ego Transcendence Exercises


Based upon several decades of research and experience, our premium-quality audios provide an experience unparalleled any other product on the market.


Each month contains detailed instructions on posture, mudras, breathing, and visualization that start simple and gradually build upon themselves over the duration of the program. These instructions are applicable to both beginners and experienced meditators alike.


Esoteric and Yogic practices are utilized throughout The Missing Link to clear energy blockages, awaken the chi flow, and move energy and awareness into the higher chakras. All this enables for a deeper, more profound and immersive meditative experience. 

You can’t build a skyscraper without strong foundations

Who you believe yourself to be is the pillar upon which every single other aspect of your life rests.  The prosperity you are able to create, the relationships you attract, your level of confidence and security, all stem from this fundamental level.  When you make even the smallest shift here, it has a ripple effect on every level above it.  That is why The Missing Link gives you exclusive ego-transcendence exercises each month that gradually give you the ability experience of your True Self.

This program is so powerful because it’s rooted in the deepest level of yourself — the foundation on which everything else rests.



What’s included in The Missing Link?

  • 7 Months of premium brainwave entrainment meditation audios
  • 16 full audios, monthly instruction videos, 1 meditation ebook, a full 7-month student manual, and access to unlimited support
  • Each month contained both binaural beats and isochronic tones audios
  • Unique Yogic techniques and energy clearing exercises
  • Gradually progress deeper each month from High Alpha to the deep enlightenment of the Low Delta ranges
    • Ego transcendence exercises 100% unique to Brainwave Love
    • Guided Meditation exercises transform amateurs into experts
    • Full library of grounding, healing, synchronizing, shamanistic, activation, and trithalamic frequency audios for any and all situations
    • Tons of guidance, support, and step-by-step instructions
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee!



“I downloaded the first month and read the material, watched the videos, and did a meditation session and I felt more relaxed and calm than I have felt in a very long time. It felt like I reached a level of meditation I haven’t yet experienced.  I was almost floating, spinning a bit in my head.  It brought a calmness to the rest of my evening that I can’t remember feeling before.”


“I am inexplicably grateful for ALL you have done with BWE, your products are like NO OTHER!!! I have tried several. There truly is NO COMPARISON, although you use BWE, i consider YOU to be a TRUE YOGI—and i hope that makes you laugh or smile– YOU have a TRUE GIFT to share with the world, and you are SO AMAZING with the loving approach and instructions, and videos. Every day when i do my rituals, and breathing exercises, Yoga Kundalini, and BWE if feels like I’m on a RETREAT with you on a mountain top, and you are my YOGI teacher and it fills me with INEXPLICABLE gratitude—-I’M SO GRATEFUL— for your help in my life journey. 

Wow!! in the last few months, i have changed jobs, i have moved, i have ended a relationship that was FULL OF GRIEF–wooosh!! Letting go—LETTING GO—and surrendering to the UNKNOWN—yes!!!YES!! FINELY i am OPEN to this! Thank you for helping me get here, to this place Ashton.”


“I’m so enjoying this wonderful journey of The Missing Link, It’s truly a jewel from all the other BWE I’ve experienced. The audios are AMAZING wonderful–nuaces, and compilations of sounds that comfort, and heal the spirit, and the BONUSES, of all the healing and cleansing breathing practices—WOW!!!! I am sincerely grateful for this wonderful gift! I TRULY feel things are transforming in my life in an INCREDIBLY FAST pace. Realizations are coming to me, I am making MORE POSITIVE, and God centered choices. Thank you–THANK YOU–again Ashton Your such a great friend:) Talk to you soon.
Love and hugs:)”


“THANK YOU VERY MUCH ASHTON!  i am on my 4th month on the missing link. i must say they are amazing it has been an incredible experience so far again thank you very much.”


“I do feel the audio working…last night even more than the previous nights. On the nights prior, I could feel my mind relax, for sure (interesting experience). But last night was more so. I had been intermittently counting breaths, like you suggested for something to do during this first month. I’d count for a while, and then just listen for a while. At about 55 minutes in (just about at the end), I started counting breaths again for a couple of minutes. Then I released the counting and just focused on my breath – the counting at that point felt like too much work, so I let it fall away. About the last minute or two (tops) of the audio, focusing on breath only, I felt my body’s boundaries dissolving (felt good), so I stayed there for about 60 seconds after the audio ended. It’s been a looooong time, since I’ve felt that dissolving feeling during meditation (mantra meditation had never seemed to get me to even that point – even after 5 solid months of 2 X 30min practices per day)”


“My 1st month is just about finished. All I can say is WOW my life has changed from downloading the free first month from your site. I just want to say thank you for allowing me and everyone to receive this incredible gift for free with no strings attached and no credit card.

I’ve been looking for something like this for a year now after trying the Brain Evolution system. Which was great but after 6 months the program was done and I wanted more.  But there was nothing more they could offer me until you came along-God’s blessing has come my way again.

What I missed from post Brain Evolution was that feeling deep inside that you can do anything you are unstoppable. Thanks to you that feeling’s back.  And I’m relishing in its effects.

More people need to know about this Ashton.  Let me know I can help with getting the word out.

As you can probably imaging I am obviously going ahead with your entire program.  This is just the beginning I can’t imagine what I’ll feel like after 6 months.  Does it really get better — this is wonderful right now!

Thanks again —-look forward to a journey of getting and feeling the most our of life.”


“Wow Ashton! I came into the missing link with high expectations but I never expected it to take me this deep. I was enjoying my results through the early months but once I hit month 4 things really started to shift for me. I don’t know if it’s the audios or the Yoga practice you shared this month, but damn I feel so…Like you say it’s not something so easy to describe with words, but I feel almost invincible. My level of confidence, my peace of mind, I feel almost fearless. Not in an ego sort of way, not because I have all my ducks in a row, but because I am starting to really experience myself being beyond all that at my core. I feel like God, but in this calm reassuring but also POWERFUL way. I can’t tell you how good this feels but I guess you probably know since you’re the one who led me here! I could have never really expected this is how I would feel from doing this program. How could I have? I am very grateful, and I am already seeing big ripples out into many aspects of my life. I just started dating this great woman, and my bosses recently met with me to talk about taking on more responsibility (which will definitely mean better pay!) I can’t wait to see what’s happening when I make it to month 7. Thank you Ashton! Please keep doing what you are doing.”


I am so confident that you will love The Missing Link that it is backed by a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.  All that I ask is that you try the program for a full 60 days (to really get a good experience of how powerful it is) and if for any reason you are unsatisfied I will send you a full refund, no questions asked.  And you can keep the program!


Download the entire 7 month Missing Link Program now and receive 4 bonus Brainwave Entrainment audio tracks + 7 special reports that will teach you Jedi mind tricks for manipulating and manifesting your reality:

  • Beta Schumann Harmonics

  • Motivation

  • 12 Minute Energy Tune Up

  • Gama Mood Elevator

  • 7 Monthly Mind-Power Bonus Reports

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By making this investment in yourself today you are gifting yourself a better future of happiness, health, success, and peace of mind that will last for years to come!

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