Self Healing With Brainwave Entrainment Meditation

Self Healing With Brainwave Entrainment Meditation

When asking the question of which brainwave entrainment audios are best for self healing, it is important to fully understand what kind of healing you are striving to attain.  In my experience, just about any good quality brainwave entrainment audio, whether an alpha or delta, a binaural beats or isochronic tones audio, can be used as a catalyst for healing.  This is why this technology is so promising!  It’s highly diverse, and can be used under many different protocols.

So let’s explore the different types of results that may be deemed as “healing”, and clarify some of the best ways to use brainwave entrainment to achieve these results.

self healing with brainwave entrainment meditation


Physical Healing 

If you are looking to help repair and heal the physical body, I have great news for you.  Nearly all of the different brainwave entrainment products can provide this for you.  Beneficial neurochemicals and endorphins like serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, and even HGH have been found to be released into the body while listening to all the different ranges of brainwave entrainment: beta, alpha, theta, delta, and even gamma.  And this is one of the most physically healing effects of this technology.  Listening to any audio that leads the brain anywhere from low beta to delta will provide a quite potent relaxation response, which heals the nervous system, relieves stress, helps to alkalize the body, and stimulates these positive neurochemicals.  Listening on a regular basis helps to quantify these effects as they build upon themselves over time.

Being more specific, the delta brainwave range is particularly healing, as it has been found to help the body produce some of the more sleep-related chemicals and materials, especially HGH (human growth hormone) which has been linked with the balancing of the other hormones in the body (ie: testosterone and estrogen) the healing of the adrenal system, the repair of bones, muscle, and tissue, and other general anti-aging effects.  The body is also found to produce the deepest states of relaxation in the delta brainwave state as well. 

Mental/Emotional Healing

Again, the effects of listening to any type of brainwave entrainment audio are useful in this area as well, not only because of the positive effects that serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, etc have on one’s mood and mental function, but also, at a deeper level, because of brainwave entrainment’s tendency to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain, and strengthen the neural pathways that connect the two.  The enhanced connection and communication between the two hemispheres of the brain provides profound results over a period of time, allowing an integration between the two polarities of emotional/intuitional and logical/rational.  This can lead to an increase in IQ, greater insight, more balanced emotions, and even a more “spiritual” perception of life.  And again, this occurs regardless of what particular brainwave state you are entraining to.

But there are a few specific brainwave states that have been found to be particularly useful for certain issues. 

Listening to higher alpha range, and beta range audios has been proven to be quite effective in improving debilitating symptoms of (so-called) attention deficit disorder.  This has actually been clinically studied quite thoroughly.  These same brainwave ranges have also been shown to increase IQ, and improve general function in academic settings and in environments that require learning and information retention.

Gamma range audios have also been found to increase IQ with consistent use, and have also been found to produce an interesting (and highly useful) effect of improving one’s ability to empathize and feel compassion.  Maybe we could all benefit from some gamma training?

Alpha and theta range audios are particularly helpful for improving emotional balance, and helping to reduce anxiety.  This makes sense, as they give people the opportunity to relax deeply and enjoy the positive side-effects that come along with this.  But beyond that, it has been found that people who suffer from high levels of anxiety are generally more prone to operate with their brain consistently in the high beta brainwave state (a more active, fast-paced, and rational state) and because of this, often times have more trouble bringing themselves down into the chill-out zones of low alpha and theta.  Not only do regular sessions of alpha/theta audios give them the opportunity to do this, but they also train the brain to build the necessary pathways and neural nets to allow it to access these states more easily and consistently on into the future.

I can personally attest to the permanent and positive effects that listening to brainwave entrainment can have on one’s mood, and general outlook on life.  I was literally a different (and much more negative and anxious) person before I started listening to BWE.

Spiritual Healing

Another fascinating context for the use of brainwave entrainment is it’s ability to help one get in touch with their subconscious mind.  It is helpful to realize that as one listens to an audio that allows their brain to descend from their waking state of beta/high alpha down into the deeper states of low alpha, theta, and even delta, that they are basically replicating the process of meditation.  And this is not just any meditation.  This the process that the brain of a very advanced, very disciplined and consistent meditator goes through after years of training.  One of the effects that comes from replicating this advanced meditative process is that it begins to bridge the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind.  When this begins to happen, and emotional and spiritual healing begins to take place.

The healing occurs as previously repressed unconscious material (ie: trauma, limiting beliefs, less-than-helpful thought patterns) begins to rise to the surface of one’s awareness.  As this material rises to one’s awareness, they are left to face it, resolve it, and deal with it.  Some people are more willing to do this than others.  This is one reasons why you may read reviews of certain brainwave entrainment products and hear reports of people not feeling well, or experiencing emotional pain from listening to them. 

Just as one experiences detox symptoms from cleansing the body, one experiences emotional “detox” symptoms from cleansing their deeper mind of negativity. 

To put this whole process in a more simple context, reaching these deeper brainwave states, and giving the human brain this advanced form of stimulation (you must realize there’s a LOT going on in the brain as you listen to this technology) begins to increase your level of self-awareness.  This is a process of becoming more conscious, of waking up.  And through this process, many interesting, healing, and life-altering experiences can happen.

When using brainwave entrainment for this purpose, consistency is absolutely critical. 

But it is also good to realize that you have a large degree of control over the speed of the process.  If you find yourself experiencing more upheaval, or mental/emotional symptoms than you are ready to deal with at the time, it is more than ok to stop and take a break until you feel ready to listen to your audios again.

My specific recommendations for using brainwave entrainment technology in this way are to find a program or product that is specifically designed to do this, rather than purchasing individual audios.  Ideally this program should move you gradually and gently through the alpha range, then the theta range, and then the delta range.  In the later stages it is fun to experiment with gamma as well.  This should be a process that spans out over a series of months, possibly even longer.


Final Thoughts

So in conclusion it is obvious that this dynamic and truly miraculous technology can help you in many different ways, whether you are looking to improve a specific symptom or issue, or just improve your life in a general sense.  This technology is also a great compliment to any other endeavor you are involved with, as it helps the brain build new neural pathways and intake information. 

Really the sky is the limit, and there are still further uses for brainwave entrainment that we have yet to discover.  Perhaps you can be one the explorers yourself!

Do feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help you with, and also feel free to explore the rest of the site, as there is a great deal of helpful information on here to help you make an educated decision on what product is best fitted to your needs.


-Ashton A.


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