Sleep WELL Live WELL Deep Sleep Meditation Audio

Sleep WELL Live WELL: Deep Sleep Meditation Audio

Format Your Mind for Total Success While You Sleep Like a Rock!

New audio technology passively upgrades your belief systems as you enjoy the deepest, most comfortable sleep of your life!

 living the good life

Can you remember how good it used to feel to go to sleep at night?  To actually feel tired, deeply relaxed, and comfortable lying in bed; struggling to keep your eyes open, forgetting about your troubles and naturally slipping into a peaceful, deep sleep?

And most importantly waking up the next day feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to face the day.


My name is Ashton, and I know what it means to legitimately not be able to sleep at night.

For over four years I dreaded bedtime, knowing that no matter how hard I tried, no matter what I did, I was going to be faced with either the option of:

  1. Laying in bed completely frustrated and uncomfortable, or:
  2. Staying up all night like a zombie, too exhausted to do anything worthwhile, and depressed about the fact that I couldn’t sleep regardless of how badly I wanted to.

When I’d lay down, I’d sit and think about every single thing going on in  my life, worry about the next day, or just mull over complete minutia,      sometimes falling into weird trances where I didn’t even know what I was  thinking about.  I had the most extreme version of restless BODY  syndrome, so I couldn’t hold still for more than a few seconds.    It was agonizing, and it also made it incredibly hard for my  girlfriend to share a bed with me and sleep herself.  And to top it  all off, I’d get to the point where my alarm went off, I hadn’t slept a wink  and I was dreading going to work only to feel like crap, with half a mind,  walking through the day like a zombie, only to repeat the process again.



Can you relate?


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Not only is poor sleep mentally and emotionally unpleasant, but it’s also one of the worst ways to screw up your health as well.  Chronic lack of sleep has been proven to:


  • Weaken the entire immune system by suppressing healthy hormone production of melatonin

  • Cause a 30% chance of gaining excess weight by disrupting normal metabolic functions

  • Increase the risk of cardiovascular issues

  • Increase the chance of developing type II diabetes

  • Greatly accelerate the aging process of the body by eliminating production of HGH (human growth hormone)

  • Negatively affect decision making, memory, reaction time, and mental cognition



It doesn’t have to be this way!


I know if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already tried all the known methods for getting a better night’s sleep.  I also know that if you’re anything like me, you’re probably dead tired (no pun intended) of people minimizing your struggle and telling you to try exercising more regularly throughout the day, eating earlier in the evening, or practicing a sleep schedule.


And this is where brainwave entrainment comes in…

You may already be familiar with what brainwave entrainment is, or not.  If you are I’d encourage you to still read below about why this technology is specifically able to be used as a miracle solution to sleeping problems.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with brainwave entrainment, this technology is a scientifically proven method for directly influencing the brain to produce specifically targeted brainwave frequencies.  If you want to wake up and think sharply you can produce beta brainwaves.  If you want to relax and meditate, you can have the brain resonate in the alpha and theta brainwaves.

 brainwave state theta waves and delta waves

 And if you want to sleep like a rock, getting deep and rejuvenating rest, you can go into delta.


But aside from this, brainwave entrainment also comes with an array of “side-benefits” that make it absolutely ideal to use for sleep


  • It’s scientifically proven to increase the natural production of melatonin (the body’s sleep hormone) by upwards of 300%
  • Also proven to increase production of HGH (human growth hormone) the body’s other sleep hormone, and anti-aging hormone.
  • Not only does it effortlessly put the brain in these deeper brainwave states, but it holds it there MORE THOROUGHLY than the brain is even capable of doing by itself. In other words, it puts you more deeply in these lower brainwave states than is possible by any other means.
  • It trains the brain to more easily make the natural progression from its waking state to deep sleep more and more as you use it nightly.
  • The powerful entrainment to deeper brainwave states naturally reduces overthinking, over-rationality, and internal dialogue, enabling you to let go and relax.



Brainwave entrainment technology uses completely NATURAL means to produce positive results that couldn’t be replicated by ANY other means.


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Sleep Well Live Well

A premium brainwave entrainment audio by

 meditation technique to fall asleep

-This audio has been created with over a decade in experience both using and designing this type of technology, along with pragmatic testing and raw data from our EEG machine (electroencephalograph).

-It uses a specific pattern that mimics the natural progression that the brain makes when falling deeply asleep, resulting in a POWERFUL yet GENTLE way of effortlessly falling asleep at night.

-Our patented brainwave entrainment pattern uses highly specific protocols for fully entraining the brain, and maximizing its production of melatonin, serotonin, and HGH.


All you have to do is put on a pair of headphones and hit the “play” button to be guided into the most comfortable, restful, relaxing, and pleasurable deep sleep you’ve ever experienced.


Trust me.  This really works.  And it’s awesome.  But you don’t have to take it from me.  Here’s what a few other people have had to say about this audio:


“I couldn’t even keep my eyes open if I wanted to!  This put me to SLEEP like I hadn’t slept in years.  I woke up the next morning with that feeling I’d almost forgotten, not remembering when I’d fallen asleep and how long I’d laid awake in bed.  I mean I was zonked!”  -Miranda, MI


“Every time I listen to the deep sleep audio I sleep like a baby”

-Danica, UT


“I listened to your Sleep Well audio last night and slept through the night for the first time in weeks!  Thank you!” 

-Ellie, Iceland


“Ashton I’ve spent years not being able to sleep.  I toss and turn and my mind seems to think that bedtime is worry about your life and think yourself to death time.  For some reason when I listen to this audio my mind finally shuts up.  I can finally forget about my day enough to sleep peacefully again.  You’ve really made a difference for me with this one.  Thanks man.”  Evan, CA



But that’s not everything!

How to Literally Sleep Your Way Into Success

This Audio is also embedded with powerful programming to enable your mind to jump through walls.


“I could feel the difference the next day.  I felt unstoppable, like good things were coming to me and there was nothing I could do to stop it.”

To really make sure that this audio is a powerful, positive tool in your life, I have added something very special to it.  Along with potent brainwave entrainment technology, this audio is also embedded with powerful subliminal programming to help you succeed and achieve!


Another thing to understand about using brainwave entrainment technology is that it puts the brain in a place where it is incredibly receptive to affirmations and positive suggestions.


Imagine that between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind is a tightly wired chain link fence.  When you are in your normal waking state there is hardly anything getting through this fence to program or influence your deeper mind.

This is one of the reasons why so many people fail, or spin their wheels indefinitely in trying to achieve their goals and dreams through popular law of attraction methods!

As you descend into the deeper brainwave states, this fence becomes more and more open, and more and more information is able to penetrate into the unconscious, enabling you to powerfully and quickly reformat it in any way you like.  This is truly one of the greatest secrets to success in the manifestation game.


So not only are you going to live a better life, getting the sleep you need and deserve, but every time you sleep with this audio, your brain is going to be given powerful messages to enable you to succeed in all areas of life.  This includes:


  1. Becoming a money magnet
  2. Building positive relationships
  3. Attracting the perfect partner, lover, or soulmate
  4. Self-love and rock solid self-confidence
  5. Physical health and energy
  6. Luck, flow, and manifestation


I didn’t make these affirmations myself.  They were given to me by one of my greatest personal mentors, a humble self-made millionaire that travels the world at his own leisure, teaching others to unlock their full potential.  These are the same ones that he used to get to where he is today.  And they’re the same ones that I’ve used for years now to live the life I want to live.


So altogether this audio:

  • Uses brainwave entrainment to get you to sleep deeply, peacefully, and comfortably through the night
  • Will get you waking up in the morning actually feeling refreshed and rejuvenated
  • Eliminates the potential health concerns associated with sleep loss
  • Guides you from your waking state, gradually down through an alpha brainwave state, then theta, all the way down to deep delta, and holds you there
  • Increases melatonin production by up to 300%
  • Increases human growth hormone by up to 40%
  • Contains audible affirmations to program your conscious and subconscious mind
  • Contains subliminal affirmations to program your deeper subconscious and unconscious mind
  • Will effortlessly reprogram your mind to succeed in all areas of life while you sleep


  • This audio also comes with a bonus brainwave entrainment mp3, “Morning Supercharger”, to help you start your mornings out right and wake up early feeling refreshed, alert, and happy!
  • Also includes a guidebook with a list of the affirmations used and little known tips on how to REALLY use affirmations to get what you want out of life.


I could easily sell this for $50+. And it would still be well worth it.  But for the time being I am offering it for $24.99. 


Tell me, is finally being able to sleep your way into effortless success worth the same amount of money it costs to take your loved one, your friend, or your mom out to lunch?


Don’t spend another day feeling like you’re not getting closer to living the good life!  Click here and finally put your success at your own fingertips! 


“I walked into the room and, like in some movie, all eyes were on me.  I would usually hate that kind of attention but I was on fire.  They were literally hanging onto every word throughout my whole presentation as if they were dogs and I had the doggie treats.”  -Sarah, NJ

“What exactly did you put in this audio?!! I went to bed seriously worrying about whether I was going to make it or not with my new business.  When I woke up I had made nearly $1,000 in unexpected sales!  I signed up 3 new clients that day and got another unexpected check in the mail later this week.  This is completely unusual for me, I just made almost my entire monthly income in one week!”  -LaDonna, PA

“More than anything else I just feel lucky, like I can expect things to go my way.  And then expecting it makes it happen that much more.  It’s nice to finally feel in the flow instead of up against the stream.”  -Conner, OR


My Guarantee:

Every product that I sell, including this one, comes with a 100% unconditional guarantee.  If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, simply shoot me an email and I will refund your money.  No hassle, no questions asked.  I would never feel good about taking money from someone who did not feel happy with the product they’d purchased.  This is about helping people for me and making the world a better place.


Money Back Guarantee

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Wishing you the best as always, and here’s to your good night’s sleep,

-Ashton Aiden



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