Smarter in 7 Minutes

Smarter in 7 Minutes

When I first heard of Jeffrey Gignac’s Smarter in Seven Minutes, my initial thought was that it was unrealistic. The commonly held belief is that it takes around 8 minutes just for the frequency following response to kick in and for the brain to begin to respond to a brainwave entrainment audio. This basic ideology was holding me back from believing that the product could be effective in only 7 minutes.

But what I didn’t realize is that Smarter in Seven Minutes isn’t just an audio product.

I was enticed with the idea of adding the visual component of the frequency following response to the already tried and true audios that Jeffrey Gignac produces. This guy has been on the top of my list in terms of BWE audio quality for several years now. To consider adding this to a video seemed like it could be quite powerful.


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So after getting over my initial skepticism, I got on to Jeffrey’s site,, and signed up to try the free demo.

When I made it to the download page I was happy to see in depth, detailed video instructions, and the ability to download the video in 3 different formats: one for the computer, one in HD, and one that could be played on a mobile phone. Nice touch adding the mobile option Jeff. With the video being only 7 minutes long, it really adds to someone’ ability to conveniently fit it into their busy routine.

Well I came down to actually trying it out, and I was pleasantly surprised, and impressed with the quality of it all. The audio I already expected to be good, but the VIDEO was also fantastic. I was greeted by the geometric design known as the “Flower of Life” in the center of the screen, and found that this pattern plays a center piece in the entire program. For me, this was very nostalgic, as the Flower of Life was one of the very first things that I discovered as a youngster that got me into spirituality in the first place. Behind the flower of life was some beautiful footage of nature, of the earth from outer space, and some other pleasing and visually appealing imagery that slowly changed throughout the duration of the video.

The music playing in the audio was also quite good. Not over the top, but not too simple either. It had an overall positive and uplifting feeling, without being too overbearing that it drowned out the brainwave entrainment.

I was also pleased to find that positive messages were flashing across the screen. I had reviewed a few different “subliminal videos” a while back for the site to see if I’d like to recommend them, only to find that this type of product seemed to be only put together by lazy people trying to make a buck. Seriously laughable quality and time spent on creating them.

Smarter in 7 Minutes is the first video of this kind that I actually like, enjoy, and would recommend to the people visiting the site and looking to make an improvement in their life.


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So how did I feel after using Smarter in 7 Minutes? I felt great enough that I listened to it the next day, and the next day, and signed up to get 2 more months worth of materials for free. I absolutely noticed feeling happier, more energetic, and more resourceful as I was working and taking care of business right off the bat. It has already become a part of my morning routine that I enjoy quite a bit. It’s a great pick-me-up.

I’m not entirely sure what frequency range is being used in these, but the ones I have used seem to be in the low beta range, where a very pleasurable yet focused state can be achieved. It’s much like that feeling of just “being in the zone”, and I can see how this could be used as a powerful tool for staying focused and in a peak performance state in day to day life.



At the bottom of the free download page you are given the opportunity to give the program a “test drive” and download 2 more full month’s worth of materials for free. But you must enter your credit card information in first to do this. The gist of it is that you can try out the materials for several days first, and if you like it, you will begin to be charged $14 monthly to receive new materials each month. You also have the option to cancel and keep your free stuff.

I felt that, in his usual fashion, Jeffrey Gignac over-delivered with this one, as I was able to choose what free stuff I downloaded from several month’s worth of options, and ended up with over 10 new BWE audios (some of which were “car safe”, which I greatly appreciated) and 4 new videos. This was BEFORE I spent any money at all.

Overall I think this product is top of the line: great videos, great music, great brainwave entrainment, combined with subliminal visual affirmations. If anyone could actually live up to the claim of having an impact on your life in 7 minutes, it’s Jeff Gignac.

The one negative comment I have is still the fact that these videos are only 7 minutes long. I would probably prefer that they were about 10-15 minutes long, and that perhaps the mobile ones were still 7 minute “quickies”. I’d be quite interested to see some EEG machine data on how well these are working. I personally feel that being able to expose the brain to the technology for just a few more minutes when possible would greatly increase the benefits of listening. At the same time, I’m sure that these 7 minutes of focus are still one thousand times better than not using this type of technology at all.

Overall I give this product a big thumbs up. And I’m not too surprised. I find myself consistently satisfied and impressed with Jeffrey Gignac’s products in comparison to what else is out there on the market.

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I would love to hear anyone else’s personal comments, feedback, or experiences using this product as well! Please share in the comments below and help us continue to build an educated and honest review for Smarter in 7 Minutes!

Yours in Service,

-Ashton A.


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    I too have enjoyed recordings of J. Gignac’s. He always seem to give a great product at a great price. I love the Smarter in 7 minutes video and though I have not signed up for his membership site yet, it is only a matter of time. Joy

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