Spiritual Evolution and Brainwave Entrainment

Spiritual Evolution and Brainwave Entrainment

What does brainwave entrainment have to do with spiritual evolution?

 Brainwave Entrainment Meditation

This is a very exciting article for me to write, because it touches on the very first reason I personally sought out, and began experimenting with my very first brainwave entrainment program back in the early 2000’s.


About Me

At a young age of 19, I was deeply troubled, and had a spiritual angst that simply could not be ignored, stuffed, or brushed under the rug any longer.  I wanted to know who I was, I wanted to know why I existed, and how I fit into the big picture.  More than that, I was hell-bent on finally getting this whole “God thing” figured out, without having to accept some spoon-fed religious, philosophical, one-size-fits all explanation.  I wanted to go there and see for myself.  I was done listening to everyone else, and ready to actually look inside.  Something in me was screaming that what I needed to do was search myself, turn inward rather than outward.

Can you relate with what I’m saying here! 

At this point I began to search for a means to search within myself, and this is when I discovered meditation.  Meditation appeared to be the common denominator of all the achievements and enlightenment that I was seeking.  I read about Yogis, Zen Buddhist Monks, and Enlightened Masters.  There was only one problem: this seemed like a LOT of work!  I mean, most of these people I read about had spent YEARS secluded from society in the Himalayas, or in a far-away monastery, and here I was, holding down a 9-5 day job to secure a place to live, with obligations to family and friends, yard work to do, phone calls to answer, etc.  How was I going to ever make it where these people were?

Well I must have wanted it badly enough, because the answer came to me, and, when it did, it absolutely seemed to good to be true.  One day I was googling for ideas and support on how to get the most out of meditation, when I stumbled across this peculiar thing called Brainwave Entrainment Technology.  Supposedly I could meditate like a 30-year Zen monk at the touch of a button.  My first reaction was “Bulls***!” but of course this was too intriguing to ignore.

So I ordered my first brainwave entrainment audio program, and began experimenting, researching, and learning.  It turns out that this journey took me farther than I had even imagined was possible for me, and in a much shorter amount of time than I would have ever conceived.

So in this article, I am taking a different approach than in the rest.  Much of the resources on the site have to do more with the pragmatic, logical, and factual aspects of brainwave entrainment.  These are very important to understand, but in this article, I am talking on a more personal, spiritual, and experiential level.  If you are interested in hard facts, I suggest you check out the other articles on the page.  If you are interested in hearing my personal observations about how brainwave entrainment aids the process of spiritual unfoldment, stay tuned, and realize that the majority of this is based upon my own subjective experience.


How Brainwave Entrainment Accelerates the Process of Spiritual Unfoldment

There are a few key reasons why brainwave entrainment realistically super-charges the process of spiritual evolution.  It can be a challenge at times to break down such an esoteric concept into an organized, rational explanation, but here I have done my best.


1. Instant Access Into Deep Trance

A traditional meditator will usually be able to make it into Alpha (the brainwave state just below our common waking state) within their first few months of practice.  However, it can take them up to several years for them to make it to place where they can remain a prolonged amount of time in a deep and sustained alpha brainwave state.  In other words, they might be able to regularly visit alpha, but they still do not have the discipline, or the neural pathways formed to be able to hold a consistent, unbreakable, deep alpha state, without their brain patterns moving up and down. 

Now this is just alpha we’re talking about here.  Beyond alpha there is theta, and, below theta, there is delta, a state which is even rare for decades experienced meditators to be able to reach, and remain in without losing consciousness or falling asleep. 

But here we are, in this day and age, where Joe-Shmoe, without any spiritual understanding or discipline whatsoever can simply put on a pair of headphones, close their eyes, and access prolonged, powerful, and consistent brainwave states that have, all throughout history, only been available to those who have spent their entire lives seeking them.  That in itself is absolutely mind-blowing to me.  It’s basically been handed to us on a silver platter.

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2. Accelerated Cultivation of Self Awareness

Self awareness is everything when it comes to transcendence of the ego, and self-imposed limitation.  It takes self awareness in the beginning to even first realize that all limitation is self-imposed, and that we actually have the power and ability to overcome it.  

Each time we consciously spend time in a deeper brainwave state, meaning that we don’t fall asleep, or slip into unconsciousness, we form a stronger and stronger bridge between our unconscious and conscious mind.  And the secret here is that, most of who and what we are, all of our secret powers, hidden demons, strange lies and stories that we have created about life, and the root of all of our suffering, lies within the unconscious.

To summarize what I am saying, using brainwave entrainment to meditate, and consciously visit deep alpha, theta, and delta, allows us to become conscious of our unconscious.  It allows our unconscious to surface, there to be met by our conscious awareness, thereby giving us deeper and deeper insight into the mystery that is ourselves.  Pretty cool right?


3. Change in Brain Chemistry and Function

Science has recently made great advances in proving that regular meditation literally makes physical, measurable changes in the brain.  It strengthens the amount of control that the frontal lobe (the part that understands waiting for a delayed reward, or avoidance of delayed suffering, and is responsible for higher, critical thinking, and the harnessing of strong emotion) has upon the reptilian brain (the part responsible for survival mentality, strong negative emotional reaction, and the fight or flight response).  Basically, meditation has been shown to make it physically more possible to control our emotions, and enhance our more advanced human tendencies. 

Now this is traditional meditation.  The use of brainwave entrainment not only increases the above process exponentially, but it also comes with a whole list of other physical, measureable, and positive effects on the brain. 

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The regular use of brainwave entrainment has been shown to: 

– Stimulate the brain to form new neural pathways across the corpus callosum, causing the right and left hemispheres to exchange more information, and implementing the physical change necessary for whole-brain functioning.


– Cause the brain to produce more positive and healthy neuro-chemicals and endorphins such as: serotonin, melatonin, dopeamine, and Human Growth Hormone.  (Click HERE to learn more about this.)

-Provide the brain with a specific type of stimulus, or “exercise” that literally enables it to handle greater and greater amounts of input from it’s external environment, increasing IQ, self-awareness, and cognitive ability 

– Provide the brain with a specific type of stimulus, or “exercise” that literally enables it to handle greater and greater amounts of input from it’s external environment, giving YOU an amazing ability to overcome negative emotions, recontextualize situations in life that used to be troubling or upsetting into beneficial and positive learning experiences, and maintain an almost superhuman ability to not get stressed out or depressed. 

Of course, there is no true measuring stick of how much faster someone can attain the benefits of meditation from using brainwave entrainment, in comparison to someone going the traditional route, but, from my own personal experience, I would wager that you can get about 5 years of traditional meditative progress from about 1 year of consistent use of a good, high-quality brainwave entrainment program.  This means that in 5 years, you may be starting to touch on those benefits that used to be reserved for 20+ year-long meditators.  If you ask me, this is nothing short of a miracle!

For more information on brainwave entrainment, and for genuine, honest reviews on some of the highest-quality, and most effective products on the market today, please feel free to browse or search the site. 

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