SuperMind VIP Club

SuperMind VIP Club

super confidence and persuasive skills with brainwave entrainment

How would you like to be able to powerfully influence anyone you interact with? To have that extra edge needed to persuade partners and clients into that win, win, win outcome? How would your life be if you confidently knew that you could achieve any goal you set for yourself?

If you are interested in developing skills like these, the Super Mind VIP Club is a must! Not only is it one of the best value memberships offered these days (with free E-books and gifts worth a lot more than what you pay for), but the results you will be getting are impressive, too.

I stumbled upon the Super Mind VIP Club while reading some posts on a community brainwave entrainment reviews forum. I had already spent over four years with one of the more well-known brainwave entrainment technology programs, and had gotten a lot of value from it, so I was wondering if anything new had developed since then. I was skeptical to try the VIP Club at first, but the reviews were positive, the price was dirt cheap, and the first month was only $4.95, so I didn’t have much to lose. Long story short, I ended up staying with the VIP Club for over 9 months and am now a very satisfied customer. This is truly a TREMENDOUS value for money! I walked away with some new skills and tools that I will be using for the rest of my life!

Super Mind VIP Club Overview

The Super Mind VIP club will give you access to three areas:

The Super Mind Music Lounge,

where you can stream some killer brainwave entrainment enhanced audios for free, and get large discounts on purchasing them in C.D. and mp3 format. In here you will find all types of different music, from Jazz, to classical, to easy listening, to new age, etc, all of which have been enhanced with brain wave entrainment to improve your mood, stimulate creativity and focus, and help you be more productive.

The Mind Gold section

This section alone is worth well over the monthly fee you’ll pay, as each month you are given a FREE, re-brandable and re-sellable brainwave entrainment audio (some of the audios that have come through the Mind Gold are my absolute favorites) and also a FREE, re-brandable, re-sellable E-book. By the end of the training you have over 12 E-books and 12 HIGH QUALITY Brainwave Entrainment audios that you can turn around and resell on your own site or for your own business online.

The largest and most beneficial part of the VIP club is

The Super Mind Academy,

where you will be given monthly trainings by Jeffrey Gignac: NLP master, licensed hypnotherapist, and the creator of all the brainwave entrainment tracks on the site. The majority of the training stems from Jeffrey’s patented ART (adaptive response training) techniques.

The training you will receive from the Super Mind Academy is state of the art, and incorporates NLP, hypnotic languaging, and some original and leading edge methods for formatting the brain for success, unlocking and leveraging the creative power of your non-conscious mind, and achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

This training will give you practical and powerful techniques that will greatly increase your ability to persuade people in a positive way, and lead yourself and others into resourceful and happy mental states, whenever you want. Jeffrey Gignac himself states that his goal is to “turn you into a Jedi master.”


My Personal Experiences with the Super Mind VIP Club

I have personally been with the Super Mind Academy for nine months now, and have been pleasantly surprised to notice significant results (and this is from someone who has been experimenting with brainwave entrainment, and all types of techniques for his entire adult life). Even within the first month I was quite impressed with the exercises, and how they expanded my mind, and pushed my mental threshold.

Overflowing Benefits

Super Mind Evolution Overflowing BenefitsNot only has the training benefited me, but it has also benefited the people in my life, as it has helped me greatly increase my ability to make people feel good, move them from negative to positive states when I interact with them, and encourage them on both a conscious and subconscious level to succeed, and think in ways that are resourceful to them.

Loving the Bonus Materials

The Super Mind Academy also includes several brainwave entrainment tracks to be listened to as a compliment to the training each month that will further increase your brain’s capacity to learn the skills being taught, and unleash the latent capacity of your non-conscious mind. (these are some of the best brainwave entrainment tracks I have ever found to date). Each month will also come with loads of bonus material that can be used at your own leisure (books, mp3’s, videos, etc.).

Achieving’Tangible Results’

If you are looking to:

– Massively improve your communication skills

– Learn the power of persuasion quickly and effectively

– Extensively improve your ability to manifest success in your life,

Then the Super Mind VIP club definitely is the most highly recommended product on this site for you.

This one is a total package, and, for the price, is a steal of a deal. It costs $4.95 for the first month, and $27 per month after that. All of the materials are downloaded from the site, so you have instant access to the training, music, and your first month of rebrandable gifts as soon as you pay.

To give you a more comprehensive summary, here are some honest pros and cons of the product:


PROS and CONS of the Super Mind VIP Club:


-State of the art materials! All of the materials, including the training, music, and even the bonus gifts are state of the art, and some of the best on the market to date.

– Powerful and specific! The brainwave entrainment audios are very powerful, and are also some of the best on the market! They incorporate monaural beats, isochronic tones, and binaural beats,leading you into very specifically targeted states, as well as providing very specific stimulation to certain parts of the brain.

-Engaging, effective, well-orchestrated! The Super Mind Academy training leads you gently into learning robust techniques that can be used to help you succeed for the rest of your life.

-Unbeatable Pricing! The materials you receive each month are often times worth well over $100 for the $27 you pay.

-Instant access to the materials on the site. No waiting for stuff in the mail.

-FREE access to a members-only forum. You receive great support by getting the chance to post questionsand get answers concerning your experiences and the program materials.


-Some of the mp3 files you will download have not been labeled for an mp3 player, meaning that if you do not label them yourself, they will end up as “unknown” on your player.

-Every now and then there will be details that have fallen through the cracks, ie: forum posts that weren’t answered, links referred to in the videos that aren’t there, etc. (though these are not very often.)

-The materials can be challenging at times, and are not recommended unless you are serious about improving your life, expanding your personal threshold, and learning to powerfully affect others. With great power comes great responsibility!

Overall the SuperMind VIP Club is an amazing brainwave entrainment product I wholeheartedly recommend! It comes at a fantastic price, too. You will not be disappointed with this one!

To your overflowing success,



P.S. If you know me, then you understand that I am very interested in your personal success. Because of this, I want to offer you free support, and some very special FREE GIFTS (worth over $200) to maximize the results you get from this program. These are some rare, and little known secrets about profoundly changing your life that will give you an edge above the competition and the ability to double your results, while shortening the amount of time it takes to get them. Once you have clicked through to make your purchase, be sure to shoot me an email, letting me know that you have made the purchase through this page, and I will send you these secrets, completely free.


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      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi Nye,

      Yes, it is. I recently found this out myself, and have yet to find out if there are plans to reopen it or if it is gone for good. You may try checking out Jeff Gignac’s newer stuff on (his life response audios are really good) or feel free to check out our Missing Link program as well at

      Best of wishes on your journey.


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