Supplements for Superhuman Health

Supplements for Superhuman Health

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This is an article I’m particularly excited to write, because in the past year or so I have reaped some pretty astounding personal results from using the right supplements.  To tell you something personal, I was struggling with a perpetual low energy level all of last year, which was really out of character for me (I’m usually known as having an almost unquenchable level of energy).  After a scare with meningitis, I finally cracked and broke my ten year streak of not seeing any type of health care professional. 

So I visited a naturopath in my area, and found out my body had likely been fighting an infection for over a year straight.  My tonsils were incredibly swollen, and the doctor was concerned they’d need to be removed.  But here’s where the real surprise came for me.  What was his recommendation?  Vitamin C, mixed with a good quality multi.  

Yes I’d always heard of vitamin C being good for the immune system, but I was incredibly skeptical that just this could cure a year-long infection.  But of course I was willing to try anything to gain back the ability to feel good in my body.  

At the end of just two months of taking large regular doses of vitamin C, I was feeling so much better, and seeing such fantastic results, not just in my infection, but in several other areas of my body that I was more interested in the power of supplements than ever before.  

One thing to keep in mind while reading this article is that just about everybody in the world is suffering from some degree or form of nutritional deficiency.  There are many reasons for this, some of the most common being poor dietary habits, poor choices in quality food available, and nutrient depletion from our soil after being farmed year after year after year. 

It can really be both shocking and inspiring at the same time to do the research on just how many physical and even mental/emotional ailments can be linked to the body lacking a certain vitamin, or mineral, or other nutrient.  The exciting part comes from the solution being so simple and easy.  The body is designed to sustain and heal itself.  If you give it the basic building blocks that it needs to function optimally, it will do the rest of the work itself.  In my opinion, this is one of the most important things to consider when working to heal or remedy a health concern 

Though this subject is incredibly vast, I want to share some of the superstar supplements that almost anyone can reap a wide variety of benefits from.  These are things that I recommend everyone have stocked in their cabinet, and at least go through a 2-3 month round of taking consistently.  Making sure that your body is “stocked up” with these will work wonders in all aspects of your health: energy level, immune function, the quality of your skin, eyes, tissue, and bone, and even your ability to get a good night’s sleep. 


#1: Vitamin C

 vitamin c from fruits

Vitamin C is truly a super-substance that benefits nearly every function of the body.  It improves the cardiovascular system and the heart, it compliments the growth and healing of bone and tissue, it boosts the immune system, and research is finding more and more that it can help heal MANY different serious issues. 

But one of the most amazing things about vitamin C is that is has an antibiotic effect when taken in large doses.  People knew this back in the colonial times, and ships used to be stocked with lemons to squeeze on open wounds to help them heal.  In order to reap these profound benefits, it is important to take a dose at the level of “bowel tolerance”. 

Technically known as ascorbic acid, it received its name from being discovered as the cure for scurvy (originally called scorbutes).  One important thing to understand about vitamin C is that when it is synthesized, it makes two completely different molecules: L-ascorbate and D-ascorbate.  L-ascorbate is entirely beneficial to the body, whereas D-ascorbate is irritating and detrimental if used over a long period of time.  Many vitamin C supplements are a 50/50 blend.  Taking too much D-ascorbate will result in unpleasant side effects like bloating and stomach pains.  Finding pure L-ascorbate is well worth it, as you lose any uncomfortable side effects, and also get 2x the power. 

Another important consideration when purchasing vitamin C is its source.  Vitamin C from China has a reputation for being crudely produced and impure.  Keep in mind that the supplement industry is not heavily inspected or regulated.  Companies can get away with murder if they want to.  

So in summary, the keys to getting the most out of this super-supplement are to: First, get it from the right source.  Make sure that you are purchasing China-free, L-ascorbic acid.  Second, learn about bowel tolerance.  The most informative website I know of to learn about all this is

I would go as far as to say that anyone can benefit greatly from taking vitamin C, for a variety of different reasons.


#2: A Good Quality Multi

 multi vitamins

Of all the things one can do for their health, regularly taking a good quality, food sourced multi-vitamin multi-mineral is one of the best.  When doing the research, it can be flabbergasting how many issues have been found to be linked directly with vitamin, and especially mineral deficiencies in the body.  Just like with Vitamin C, if you are experiencing any issues at all, I highly recommend taking the steps necessary to get your hands on a regular supply of a high quality multi, as this will help in more ways than you might imagine. 

I can’t go into all the many details of just how much this can benefit you, or of all the different ailments that have been found to be alleviated through simple vitamins and minerals, but if you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend checking out materials by Dr. Wallace of the Youngevity product line.  This has been his life work, and he sheds a great deal of light on this subject.  (He also has a fantastic multi-vitamin, multi-mineral product that I highly recommend.) 

When choosing a multi, it is of the utmost importance that you pick one that is food-sourced.  There are a LOT of people taking low quality multi products these days on a regular basis that are, unfortunately, not getting a fraction of the benefits out of them that they could be because they are synthetically produced.  The problem with taking a synthesized vitamin (as compared to a whole-food sourced one) is that the essential biological vitamin “codes” in the synthetic vitamins are incomplete, and are not fully “compatible” with the human body.  What this means is that the body is not fully able to digest and assimilate the vitamin in the best way possible to use it to its full potential.  In some cases, this can even do some harm to the body, because it will have to pull from its own resources to complete some of these “codes” in order to use the vitamin at all, which can actually pull nutrients out of the body, rather than give it what it needs. 

Understand that I don’t make commissions in recommending nutritional supplements.  But I do know that one can run into difficulties in finding quality products, due to the lack of knowledge in health food stores and the lack of regulation in the natural supplement industry.  As I said above, the Youngevity product line is fantastic, and I also highly recommend the Garden of Life brand Vitamin Code products as well.  

One more thing to keep in mind with any natural supplement, and especially with a multi, is that it will take 2-3 months of consistent use before you reap profound positive results from it.  Every 3 months, the body completely replaces and regenerates its entire cellular structure.  When it does so having been given the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from your supplementation, your body will have reached a higher level of optimal function and health.  So do be patient, and be consistent.


#3 Co-Enzyme Q10

 vibrant woman at the beach

Co Enzyme Q10 has been purported to help the body in numerous different ways.  In fact, many sources tout this enzyme as almost a “miracle supplement”.  It has been suggested to help improve tissue growth, chronic fatigue and other low energy symptoms, receding gums, heart disease, high blood pressure, liver problems, Alzheimer disease, the look and quality of your skin, and the list goes on and on.  

One thing that is important to understand is that much research still needs to be done on this, and many of these claims are still in their infancy, and have yet to be fully researched.  At the same time, there are very few reported negative side-effects of supplementing with COQ10. 

Already present in the human body, COQ10 is found most concentrated in the areas of the body that use and require the most energy, like the heart, liver, and directly in the mitochondria of energy-producing cells.  So, you can see why it would be believed that supplementation of COQ10 could increase energy levels, and also help these particular organs.  Some have suggested that COQ10 seems to have a “cure-all” effect in the human body, in that once the necessary levels of COQ10 have been replenished through supplementation, it tends to go automatically to wherever the body needs it the most.  Another amazing thing about this co-enzyme is that it also has antioxidant properties. 

Again, I urge you to do your own research, and run it by your health care professional if you are interested in supplementing COQ10.  Some of the more researched and tested studies have shown quite positive effects in its use for heart-health and lowering blood pressure levels (this is often times what it is most advertised for on the bottle).  

I have personally received some tremendous benefits from supplementing with COQ10.  I noticed significantly positive changes in my energy level, immune system, and even in my mood, but again this is just me. 

A few considerations to keep in mind when purchasing COQ10: 

COQ10 comes in two different forms: Ubiquinone, and Ubiquinol.  Many will claim that Ubiquinol is more easily assimilated by the body, and has much better results.  It is also much more expensive.  On the other hand, as I was doing my own research, I read a study that was done on this subject that found that the results between Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol showed little difference in results.  This particular study recommended just going with Ubiquinone, as it is cheaper, and seems to do about the same thing for you. 

One product I have been using personally for several months now is the Cocoa Well brand Advanced Formula.  Not only does this have a good dose of COQ10, but it also has a good amount of pure Cocoa, along with a flavonoid blend that further helps boost immune function, digestion, and antioxidant activity in the body.  This supplement is really helping me feel like a million bucks!

Watch out for the next part of the Best Supplements for Superhuman Health!

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