Hi Ashton!

Woahhh that was so trippy!  I’ve been under such tremendous stress for a number of years.  My story is unbelievable and someday will be in print to inspire and encourage others.  I’ve been on a real quest for health and personal development for the last 2 years.  I’ve read, listened to and studied all the best I could get my hands on.  I fell in love with Bernadette’s videos and affirmations and thought nothing could be better.  Even after using Holosync I must say that I was completely surprised at how I felt during and after listening to this! In-cred-bile!!!  I found myself spontaneously smiling almost giggling with delight feeling ALL THEI WEIGHT OF MY LIFE DISAPPEAR!  I fell asleep several times and woke near the very end HAPPY AND REFRESHED!  WOW-OH-WOW!  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I really needed that!

Your new grateful friend,


I listened to the first audio last night for approx 20  mins, and I can’t tell you the difference it has made to me on every level I can’t believe it, and that’s just one session !!!!  I need to talk to  you more about this, but am busy at the moment so will contact you later.



Dear Ashton,

I heard about your meditations from Kate Large author of The Game Of Life Workbook. I have used Holosync for over 8 years and am on Awakening Level 4.  But, as you know this program is very expensive so I thought I would try your meditation on her recommendation. I really liked it. I have been able to achieve a deep meditation and stay there. I have been able to focus and get some answers as I connected to my higher self. It is very relaxing and very helpful. I would say you have done an excellent job with it.

Thank you,


Hi Ashton,

Love the Money video series!! (from the email list) and the previous one was amazing! keep it up 🙂


Loving your program!!.  This is the best explanation of the LOA I’ve ever seen.  I total agree that ones “Identity” is the foundation and any transformation should start there.  

I feel blessed to have been led to you.  I have been trying to get out of the rut that I’m in for the last 5 years without success.  I now feel that once I take action, I have a much better chance of creating the happiness that has eluded me.


Hey Ashton,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I enjoy all your emails and articles. They seem to arrive at the appropriate times. 

I’ve enjoyed your free brain entrainment track and I look forward to starting your “Heal Yourself” program. I’m going to start that after I finish my Mind Movies Matrix program. (I’m following your advice on working with one brain entrainment program at a time.)

After reading your article (with tears in my eyes), The Spiritual Lie, I find it resonates with me so profoundly! 


I really enjoy your articles and your 7 coaching tips lately. Bravo!


Thank you Ashton. That really worked. I am a natural stress head and a small town defense lawyer and I was not able to move for a while after that Mp3….. Bravo


I have been your subscriber since two or three years ago. I enjoy and find very useful all the information you send and I have bought some of your audios.

I believe that in spite that you are very young, you are a wise person.

Thank you Aiden. I have been using your brainwave entrainment for about 4 months now. I sleep better, I’m less distracted and memory of people’s names have all improved markedly.

Griffe HK

Dear Ashton,

Last night i listened to your free Deep Progressive Alpha 2. It was a profound experience for me.

This morning i sent the link to a few friends who often complain bout stress. Thank you for sharing to the world your own journey.

Thank you for the gift of your wisdom to our world so much in need of inner technology. We are invaded by so much info but very few of us really integrate it so it becomes part of us producing concrete results on a daily basis.

Thank You! You are new shining star in the BWE industry!!!

Kind regards


THANKS so much excellent job!



Thank you for your delightful and warm welcome to brainwavelove.  I had previously used Holosync, and was interested to read your experiences, and particularly the fair attitude.  After using Holosync for a while the tracks became too familiar and I began to anticipate the next sound.  I am somewhat of a skilled listener.  I also listened to the MP3 offered by brainwavelove and found it quite textured and I slipped into a profound space.The 45 mins went very quickly.

-Ms. Gyan

Love your goodness and inspired actions.


Thank you, Ashton! I find it amazing that such a young person as you is so deep into spirituality and helping others gain it as well! You are serene and confident and it’s a pleasure to listen to you! Thank you so much!


Thank you very much for the audio that you sent. It’s really great. For some reason it helps me see the images in my mind’s eye  in such sharp detail as I meditate. 


I just want you to know that I really appreciate your efforts for helping others live wonderful lives through the things you share. I hope I can do the same thing one day.


I really like what you’re doing.


Hello; thank you for this great alpha brainwave audio, i love it! this is the first time i can recall using a brainwave audio with isochronic tones. i think it’s really good, and thanks again. i’m cycling it into my holosync routine.

-angelica cino

Hi Ashton

 Thank you for being kind enough to take the time to reply so thoroughly to my mails.  That in itself  is already something I wouldn’t have expected from someone from an online helpsite.

 I find a lot of what you say enlightening.


Hi Ashton, 

My name is Vindhya – I’m a first year Dermatology resident at Indiana University – with a strong passion and background in overall health, wellness, including meditation and yoga. I ran across your article and website on MBG – it was very moving and humbling. Thank you for sharing your story! When you mention the first book you read was a “new age book” – do you mind sharing which one it was? I myself have been changing my overall perspective on spirituality, and have adopted a meditation practice. I know there are many different types, but your Brainwave program is definitely interesting. I don’t think there is one CORRECT way, but it appears to help people achieve calmness and connectedness with themselves, so kudos to you! In today’s busy self-centered world, it’s refreshing to see someone like yourself take charge to help others change themselves.


 I have been using brainwave entrainment for about 2 years now and as you mention have developed a tolerance to the Audios I had. I recently downloaded Alpha Mind Control which is great as it really works. This made me realise that it can still work for me so I bought your Heal Yourself Audios. Listening to Deep Alpha Background brings me straight into the Alpha state. These Audios really do as you said.

Many thanks Ashton for bringing me back to brainwave entrainment. These Audios are really powerful and very effective!


I just finished reading that free ebook on emotional mastery and it really helps!!! I think the methods mentioned will help me a lot, and I’m gonna experiment on them now. 🙂 I am just really sorry that I could just only test those freebies, and not able to buy some stuff now. But really, I am more determined to buy some of your products in the future. 

Thanks a lot!! More power!!!


Thoroughly enjoying and ever so grateful for the information that you have to share. During my quest to find the most valuable information and techniques, I am finding it seemingly a little overwhelming at times, the amount of email that lands in my inbox during this quest.

However, always eager to read what Ashton has to write. 😉


Thank you so much, Ashton, for these immensely precious tips! It is so kind and generous of you to offer them!

With gratitude,


I like.  I experience pain from my diabetes and it helps me to experience less of it.


Thank you for your amazing website, it’s very impressive and

comforting to know you are out there making a difference in the world!

Best Regards,


I have listened to the free download from mind power (2nights) and I already feel a difference! It feels great! Thank you so much, I’ll keep you posted.

Best regards,


I’ve used brain entrainment before.  This was the first with the beach sounds.  As I love being on the beach as listening to Nature, this was a wonderful tool for me.  Thanks so much for sharing!  It will go on my MP3!  It’s relaxing and peaceful and I didn’t even have to leave my living room!


Warm greetings!!

I am Miss. Sonali, from Beautiful country India, I got your link, while reading motivational articles by Purpose Fairy, you are amazing I appreciate your work. 

I am also trying to know myself (Self) practicing meditation, difficult but trying. When read article on motivation I feel good.

Please keep you work going on, I wish love, peace and happiness to you always!! 

Thank You

With Best Regards,

Miss. Sonali

Thank you Ashton, your tips to be happy are just what I needed today.

Much love


Working with you has been a very positive experience.

 Thank you so very much.


Portland Oregon

Wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much for making all this available, I am so excited to read the eBook and more on your website!




I have a pretty decent library of tones and beats ( about 200 )

and that one (Deep Progressive Alpha) is still one of my favorites . 


Hi Ashton,

I am loving it (the free alpha audio). It’s beautiful and it is very inspiring.


Hi, I found your website and have been reading it. I so appreciate your 
personality – honest, candid, caring, helpful. I’m thinking that your 
programs are very effective because of your personal experience using 
other company’s products, desiring to improve on them for yourself and 


Thank you for your information you share, looking forward to each and every one



Hello Ashton,

I really appreciate the ongoing educational things you do that are not always followed by some strong sales pitch of some kind. You and Marry Morrissey provide ongoing “pearls” that helps and facilitates my awakening/improving awareness growth.

Wishing you all the best,


Hey Ashton,  

It is quite amazing you are one of the few that are really out there with a kind heart for wanting to help people>  I am in  my fifties (a very young 50) with three boys in their teens that  keep me mentally challenged and young, a  hubby. (that’s a lot of male stuff)  I’m a little menopausal. I meditate and do a little yoga when I can get some alone time.   I try to listen to positive affirmations and stay on the band wagon but often fall off  Id really like something to go to sleep with me assuring myself I’m on the right track and how to  stay there.   I think I’m quite lucky as we are a loving family but heaven knows they are easily discouraged and are always in need of a pick me up and put in to a positive attitude.  Wouldn’t we all love to be rich  and enjoy life more  but for now I’ll settle for being a better me more positive  loving and being able to keep the attitude myself.

 Hoping this finds you well and health and most of all in high spirits  

Kind Regards,


Hey Ashton,

First, I have to thank you for all the amazing content you made available. I’ve been loving it and it really have been helping me maintain a more positive, free and light way of seeing and thinking about life.

I watched and listened this video paying really close attention, and realized that it is something that I already do, that is already part of my way of living. Accepting in the beginning wasn’t that easy, but with time and effort it became part of me. I recently got through a situation that I know if I didn’t accept what’s comming my way and fought it, it would completely thorn me apart. 

Once again, I thank you! I consider the work you do and have done so far really important. I had already done a lot of work in value, love and care for myself, but your work help me giving it even more cohesion and made me not only a better person but also a better Psychomotor Therapist.

Thank you. I can’t wait for what you have for us next. And I have to tell that your work reached, at least one follower in Portugal.



Thanking you for this, you are a saviour to many spiritualists, I’m sure…

Kind regards

Genevieve (South-Africa)


Thanks for your email updates, free downloads and generally sharing your wealth of knowledge. I plan on purchasing one (until my abundance mentality kicks in) – I am looking for owning my reality, negative thinking, connecting with divine intelligence, self worth – I guess I could go on and on. Do you suggest purchasing in any order?

I really appreciate your authenticity and the tools you offer for self growth.

Warm regards,


Thanks for your generosity, Ashton


Thanks Ashton 

This is helping me get back to better ways. 

Maria x


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