The #1 Biggest Law of Attraction Myth

The #1 Biggest Law of Attraction Myth
Today I want to talk about one of the most phony baloney law of attraction teachings ever taught.
And sadly, this is almost common practice.  It’s taught by all the big players in law of attraction and self-help, all the gurus.
I don’t want to flat out call them liars, but I also don’t think it is responsible to teach this to the humble laymen (and women) like you and I.
The myth goes like this:  “Dream as big as you possibly can, then write out an affirmation for it.”
And of course the usual affirmation workshop rules.  Make it in the present tense.  Make it stated in the positive.  Give it a deadline, etc.
So here goes my affirmation under these guidelines:
“I have successfully, single-handedly established world peace.  The world is now a utopian society, as I live beach-side on an island paradise, endlessly sipping margaritas with only positive health benefits to my body, immortally young, full of energy, able to fly when I feel like it, and never working another day in my life unless I feel like it.”
Oh wait…”by September 2020.”
But no, really.  I could give you plenty of reasons why this “dream as big as possible and make it your affirmation” advice is not only less than useful, but actually harmful to your growth.
Today I’m just going to give you the main reason, and some better advice along with it.
You can’t just go from working a job you hate, not being happy with your relationships, and not being happy with your living situation to some affirmation about “I am now a millionaire, living in my dream home with men (or women) literally waiting on my every need at all times.” because you have a whole web of beliefs in your deepest mind that are contrary to that affirmation.
You may say that that’s what the affirmation is for.  But be honest with yourself.  Can a single, wildly unrealistic affirmation really reverse that big web of limiting beliefs that is already holding you back from that dream?
If you hold beliefs like “I don’t deserve to have a lot of money.” or “I don’t deserve to be happy.” or “I am not accepted when I authentically express myself.”  Do you really think that BIG, AWESOME affirmation is going to work?
Those deeper beliefs are going to counteract it, cancel it out, sabotage it.  And on top of that, the dissonance between what you are affirming and what your actual experience of life is going to make you unhappy, lacking in contentment, and even more frustrated with your current circumstances.  Which is the exact opposite of where you need to be to positively manifest the results you want in your life.
You see you’ve got to start at that deeper level.  You’ve got to start at your core.  And it needs to form a foundation.  Before you even go making specific demands about income levels and travelling internationally at will, you’ve got to address those beliefs about yourself, who you are, what you deserve, and what you are capable of.
This isn’t rocket science.  When you can wipe your mind of that cringe-worthy, magical thinking, fast-food approach to self-help that gets sold by the dozen, you will see that this is just common sense.
So I encourage you to start at the foundation.  Who do you believe yourself to be?  Are you ready to succeed?  Do you feel like you deserve to succeed?  Are you ready to fully express yourself?  Do you believe in yourself?
It takes some honest self-examination, and I know you have it in you.
And, of course, if you want to make this as easy as possible and use a system that will lead you through this whole process, The Personal Law Package is available for you to download immediately.
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