The #1 Secret on How To Manifest Anything You Want

The #1 Secret on How To Manifest Anything You Want

And Why So Many Law of Attraction Endeavors Fail 

Do you want to know the secret on how to manifest anything you want into your life?  I want you to read this article carefully and slowly. 

Really absorb it. 

Make sure you’re internalizing and thinking about it.  Read it consciously. 

Because in this article is not only one of the greatest keys to manifesting anything positive into your life, but also one of the greatest keys to living a life in peace with yourself and the world around you.  This secret will also advance you spiritually if you apply its message.

It can be baffling to me how much tunnel vision can be involved in even the most “enlightening” or “open minded” systems of thought.  This includes the systems of thought that assert that the mind manifests experiences in physical reality, or that the contents of the mind (our thoughts, beliefs, emotional habits, and the way we talk to ourselves) are completely malleable, changeable, and moldable.  

I want to ask you a question.  If the mind is completely changeable, moldable in every way… Which would provide you with a better experience of life, or, perhaps, which would be easier and more effective?

To learn to constantly and skillfully use goal-writing, emotional mastery techniques, visualization, and “positive thinking” to continually manifest the next, and then the next, and then the next thing that you feel you need to be happy into your life,


to learn to be completely happy and content with everything exactly as it is, now, without it needing to be different, added to, or tinkered with?

Where does that desire to be more ______ of a person come from?  That desire to be more persuasive, or charismatic, or thin, or confident?  Where does that yearning to have more money come from?  To have a better relationship?

Think about it. 

If there’s one thing I wish that anyone who was attempting to manifest their perfect life would understand at the very start, it’s that you cannot manifest something you want, when it comes from a place of not accepting how things are NOW. 

I know I’ve said this many times before, but it really cannot be stressed enough.  I really think all this is much easier than people realize.  It just requires one to do something, to train their mind in a certain direction that it counter-intuitive.  It also requires a good degree of self-awareness and self-honesty. 

Sure there are people who win the lottery, score that perfect job, snag that man/woman of their dreams and form a perfect relationship with them.  But I can guarantee you not one of those people did it from a place of “I hate my life as it is right now.  If only I had …… then I’d be so happy.”

You see so much of this interest and industry that comes from the law of attraction is still based upon that old belief that we need something outside of ourselves, or something to be different than it is now for us to be happy and at peace. 

That happiness always manages to get pushed into the future.  And the present moment continues to be met with resistance and a lack of appreciation.  For many people, this is why they are learning and applying manifestation techniques.  And my opinion is that it is this group of people that are continuing to struggle in getting them to work as well.

Hence a merry go round ensues.  People can try and try and try to manifest the results they want, but experience little to no success, or, even worse, people learn to manifest things quite well, but find that even thought they’ve gotten good at this skill, they are still not happy, or are not enjoying their manifestations nearly as much as they’d originally thought they would.  That relationship with the beautiful woman starts going sour, the new high-paying job starts to drive you crazy, the money drives friends away and causes tension in relationships and new sets of “first world problems”.

Now let me make it clear that I am not saying this happens to everyone.  What I’m getting at here is the difference between being successful in manifesting happiness in life, and continuing to ride the new age, law of attraction, self-help merry-go-round.  

If there is one single mistake that I think so many people are making it’s that they are not playing the manifestation game at the deepest level

It is true.  The mind is such a malleable, moldable thing.  When we first hear that we can manifest experiences and material means with our thoughts and beliefs, our first reaction can naturally be an excited “Wow!  Now I can have everything I want!”  But in this fresh excitement of this new knowledge, we can often times completely neglect to ask ourselves why it is that we want what we want.  Why we feel these things, events, people, etc. will make us happy. 

To properly manifest, one must start at the most fundamental level of the mind: the very foundation. 

If you have been feeling stuck on the merry-go-round for a while, there’s good news: you can jump off of it RIGHT NOW.  But there’s also bad news: you have to jump off of it RIGHT NOW.  

The very first thing one must do to truly create happiness and abundance in their life is develop and repair their continual relationship with the present moment.  

The issue we face is that more than our more outer layer thoughts, emotional mastery, affirmations, visualizations, etc., it is our beliefs that are creating our reality.  Not just our conscious beliefs, but the whole thing starts with our deepest, inner-most beliefs about ourselves, life, and reality.  This may be tricky to wrap your mind around at first, but it’s really quite simple, albeit paradoxical. 

The belief that something about your life needs to be different from what it already is, or the belief that you need more, or that it’s not good enough, or that it’s not enough will always manifest far more powerfully than a 10-15 minute per day visualization or affirmation. 

People who attempt to learn to manifest intentionally without first addressing these beliefs are continually working against themselves.  In this paradigm, the belief that there is not enough, that it needs to be different, or that there is some future reward on its way that will make everything better is both the motivation to try to manifest these different results into their life (as they are perceived as a potential source of happiness), and is also simultaneously the reason why positive results and successes are so hard to manifest.  The underlying belief is manifesting, and the action to try to gain more or to fix things only perpetuates the belief, because it is an acting upon the belief as if it is true.

This brings us back to the present moment.  One must realize that they have already manifested a great deal of things into their life.  In fact, every single thing that someone experiences in their life is their manifestation, their creation.  When one learns to be fully in the present moment with awareness, and an intention to be at peace with it, they see just how much creative power they really have, and how abundant their world already is. 

For example, at this moment, as I am typing this article, I have manifested a warm house to sit comfortably in.  I have comfortable chairs to sit in.  I have a cute and affectionate dog, my best friend Biff, to sit next to me and keep me silent and unconditionally loving company.  I have clothing.  I have my health.  I have a guitar in the corner of the room that has provided me with years of enjoyment and expression.  I have a painting on the wall that came from someone I love very much.  I have a good feeling of balance from waking up before sunrise today and practicing my yogic techniques. 

The list goes on and on.  And the amazing thing about all this….It’s my creation!  I manifested all of this, and by recognizing it, meeting it with appreciation and acknowledgment, here in the present moment, I feel truly abundant with what I have, even though none of it is extravagant or dramatic.  If you are willing to take just a moment to put yourself into the present moment now, you will realize that you also have a seemingly endless list of things here now to acknowledge gratefully as well.

It all starts in your relationship with the present moment.  In order to resolve the egoic beliefs of “not enough”, or the supposed “future reward” that will one day make everything better, all you have to do is resolve your relationship with the present moment.  And there is only one time to do this: now.  Again, and again, and again. 

This springs a new paradigm, one where you feel abundant, successful, happy, and at peace regardless of what is going on in your life.  There is an easy ability to be grateful.  When desires come to you, they are more inspired, more from the depths of your soul and your path, rather than from scarcity, ego, or “fix it” mentalities.  And these desires manifest easily, and bring you a great deal of peace and fulfillment.

So to summarize everything I’ve said in this article, if you want to learn to manifest your world, success, happiness, peace, harmonious relationships, or anything else, step one is to address and repair your relationship with the present moment.  Learn to be present.  As you are present, learn to meet everything and anything that is happening NOW with gratitude and acceptance.  Say “thank you” to life for all the amazing things that are happening to you, all the wonderful things that are being given to you RIGHT NOW.  This is a skill that anyone can learn with the intention to do so, and one that quickly resolves ego, and the illusions of “not enough-ness”.

I hope you find this helpful, and that you find the motivation to take these steps for the sake of your deepest ability to be at peace. 

With much love,




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    Hey Ashton, I know I’ve been off the radar for a while but so happy to be back and reading this article…Love the way you write and also what you say is right on! Not being satisfied with where you’re at is simply sending more dissatisfied vibes out into the Universe and attracting more of the same back at you.

    Please forgive me for being in semi silence… no point in going into that now but have been watching and following you here and there and especially enjoyed this thoughtful and well written post.
    I see you!

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      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi Elias,

      This is a great question. Ultimately this line of thought can deal with very subtle realms of thought and feeling, but the best way I could answer this question is that we would change our life for fun! Or out of curiosity to see what it would be like, just for the adventure. In this way you’re playing it like a game, rather than a life or death scenario.

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