The Breath and Meditation – An Ancient Secret

The Breath and Meditation – An Ancient Secret

What Is A Simple Meditation Technique To Reach An Ancient Secret?


Hello again everyone!  I hope that the new year is treating you well.  I for one am incredibly excited to have finally made it past all of the 2012 predictions, and to have transitioned into 2013 without experiencing any pole shifts, government hostility, natural disasters, or solar disturbances.  I feel that we have all released a HUGE energy block as a collective consciousness, and that, having released this “2012 disaster” energy, we are all bound for a very joyful and prosperous new year! 


EnlightenmentLGI wanted to share just a quick secret in this article that you, as a meditator (whether you are a beginner or a master in various meditation techniques) may find very interesting and helpful.  This secret is very ancient and esoteric, and, as secrets often are, is very easy to overlook in a regular meditation practice/technique.


One of the ultimate goals of Yoga is the state known as Samadhi.  In this state, one has completely merged their consciousness with the divine (oneness, God, the universe, whatever you prefer to call it) and experiences a full transcendence of the personal ego/identity, and the supreme state of peace and bliss that accompanies this transcendence.  One of the most prevalent indicators of this state is that the body is completely breathless.


Now those of us who are not lifelong and dedicated Yogis may find this idea a little intimidating.  It’s hard for some, being honest and realistic with themselves, to imagine being in a state where they are completely breathless for an extended amount of time.  I know when I first learned about this state, it seemed completely impossible to me, and I had no idea how one would even practice to make it to Samadhi!


I wanted to share a simple meditation/breathing secret that can be used to help prepare oneself to attain a breathless state.  Please do take this with the disclaimer that, of course, much practice, concentration, and dedication is necessary to attain the state of Samadhi.  In the meantime, however, you can use this knowledge in your regular meditation practice in the spirit of fun and exploration.


So many teachings are focusing so much on the breath, breathing in a certain way, being aware of the inhale and exhale, etc.  It is very important to understand that what is going on IN BETWEEN the inhale and exhale is just as important.  By focusing your awareness on the pauses between the inhale and exhale, you begin to familiarize your conscious and unconscious mind with breathlessness, which, with practice, begins to have a magical effect on your meditation, your consciousness, and your energy system.


There is a large amount of bliss to be found in these breathless pauses.  Becoming aware of this bliss is a first step to reaching a breathless state.  Another large benefit of becoming conscious of the pause is that your mind/energy system begins to accustom itself to this breathlessness, and you begin to form the necessary “muscles” to support your body with prana, while the body is not breathing.


Experiment with this simple meditation technique:


meditation techniques and breathRather than counting your breaths, count the pauses between your breaths.  Inhale in a comfortable and natural manner, pause, and count that pause as “1”.  Then exhale naturally and comfortably, pause, and count that pause as “2”, and so on and so forth.  Throughout this meditation, hold the pauses as much as is comfortable. It is incredibly important that you do not attempt to stretch the pause and cause strain.  This would be counterproductive.  While you are pausing, regardless of how small an amount of time it is, allow yourself to be aware of the bliss and comfort that exists at that moment.  As you continue to practice this meditation technique, you will notice the pauses begin to extend on their own accord.  This is the sign that you are making progress.  As far as the breathing goes for this meditation, no technique is necessary.  In fact, you get the best results if you do not attempt to control the inhale and exhale at all.  This is all about the “non breath” rather than the breath.


I feel it is important to add a warning to this article.  The breathless state is very advanced, and can by no means be attained by just “holding your breath”.  Only practice, breath control, non-breath control, and a mastery of energy flow through the body can bring about this state.  I am not recommending by any means that you attempt to hold your breath any longer than is comfortable.


I will be posting more articles in the future that pertain to the breath, and the pranic techniques necessary to further master the meditative state.  Stay tuned!


As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback!


With Love



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