The Easy Way to Lose Weight

A Little-Known All-Natural Secret To Losing Weight Effectively

lose weight easy and fastIt kills me to see people working and trying so hard to lose weight.  You know those people (maybe you’ve been there yourself) that are going to the gym day after day, sweating it out, trying all these new diets, or starving themselves by limiting carbs and supplementing with pills or shakes.


It really doesn’t have to be this way!


I want to offer you a very simple and easy solution that I wish everyone who is struggling with their weight would try. 


Yes it is true that the body needs regular exercise to stay fit and healthy, and yes, it is also true that we can’t just over-eat unhealthy, fatty, high-sugar, high-calorie food and expect to stay slim.  At the same time, the body doesn’t really need nearly as much exercise and physical exertion as most people think, and our diets don’t need to be nearly as strict as some people think.


When you are exercising so much, and trying so hard to maintain your diet, and are not getting the results you want, there comes a point when you might want to stop for a moment and think to yourself,  “might there be something I’m missing here?”


Weight LossMy advice for you is that you first may want to question your beliefs about it needing to be hard to maintain your ideal weight.  There are a lot of great self-hypnosis and other self-help products, techniques, etc. on the market that can help you with this.  Secondly, I want to talk to you a little bit about your metabolism, and share some facts about it that are usually not communicated in the regular fitness world.


By the time you begin to reach your late 20’s (give or take), your metabolism begins to slow down, right? You then slowly and progressively have a harder time maintaining energy, and keeping those extra pounds off, giving you that inevitable “older person belly” or those “child bearing hips” that your mother had. Have you ever questioned why this is, or whether this really has to happen? 


Here is what’s really happening.  In your body right now, you have two very important enzymes that are used on a regular basis to maintain your body’s optimal function.  The first are called metabolic enzymes, and the second are called digestive enzymes.  As their name implies, your metabolic enzymes are used to maintain an active and efficient metabolism, whereas the digestive enzymes are used to help digest food and assimilate nutrients from this food into the body. 


You have a FINITE supply of both, unless you are consciously replenishing them, and using them wisely.  Any time you are eating cooked or pasteurized food/beverages, your body is using it’s digestive enzymes.  When you are eating raw, unpasteurized, and unprocessed foods, your body is able to use the enzymes already present.  If you are eating/drinking something high in enzymes, you may even get some extras for later.


But we’re talking about metabolism and weight loss, what do digestive enzymes have to do with this?


In our more common modern diet, most of our food is cooked, supplying the body with little to no digestive enzymes, and also using up the store of enzymes we already have in our body.  By a certain age, usually around the mid-twenties to thirties, but sometimes MUCH sooner, the human body has completely run out of digestive enzymes. 


And what happens when the body is completely out of digestive enzymes?  It begins to pull from its store of metabolic enzymes to help carry out the function of its lacking digestive enzymes.  And this is when the metabolism starts to slow, and cease to function properly.  It’s such a shame to me that society has deemed this process as “normal”, giving so many people such a limitation on coming up with simple solutions.


One of the VERY FIRST things you should do if you are wanting to lose weight is LOAD UP on foods and liquids with digestive enzymes.  One of the most enzyme-rich substances in the world is fresh juice.  Keep in mind that pasteurized juice (which the average grocery store is stocked with) will not help you with this, and will actually further deplete the body’s digestive enzymes.  Other good foods are papayas, pineapples, sprouts, raw nuts and seeds, and any other raw fruits and veggies.


It is also highly beneficial to purchase a high-quality digestive enzyme supplement, and take it with cooked and processed food.  You may even consider taking it daily whether or not you are eating cooked food for the first few months.


AND GET BACK ON THE COUCH!   There are drawbacks to too much exercise, too.  Overt strain on joints and bones, over-working the heart and muscles, and fatigue are just a few.  Did you know that during times of heavy perspiration you are sweating out necessary and essential vitamins and minerals?


It really can be as simple as getting yourself a juicer, drinking two fresh glasses of juice a day (which gives you a huge list of other added health benefits, and tastes amazing), and buying yourself a quality digestive enzyme supplement. 


I have seen people drop up to 10 pounds in a month from juicing alone! 


Be sure to use organic produce for your juice as much as possible, as these will have a higher level of enzymes and nutrients in them. 

Once you have replenished your body’s digestive enzymes, and are eating in a way that keeps them “in stock”, you will see a large improvement in your metabolism.  (please bear in mind this advice is not intended to treat or cure illness, and if you think you have a serious health issue or eating disorder, you should consult your doctor).

In the future we will be sharing juice and other raw and healthy recipes.  Stay tuned!


With Love,




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