The Modern-Day Mystic Diet

The Modern-Day Mystic Diet


It is so exciting to see how much more aware we have all become of nutrition and proper eating in modern times!  Over the past three or so years I have personally seen people I know, the last people I would ever expect to, taking an interest in organic foods, growing their own fruits and vegetables, and cutting down on microwaveable, processed, and genetically modified products.

My personal opinion is that we are all becoming more aware.  Aware of how our own bodies are feeling, aware of how certain foods affect our mental/emotional state, and our overall feeling of balance.

What I want to talk about in this article is how managing your diet, and what you eat, can affect your energy body –  its pranic flow, your aura, and your ability to tap into the awareness of your higher chakras.  Throughout the article I will give you a few tips, and explain why we in modern times are actually in more of a position to gain real spiritual and esoteric power from this practice than ever before.

Being conscious about what you eat and drink is certainly a spiritual discipline.  Yes, it is also a practical and rational discipline, but it is important to understand that the vibration of what you ingest, and the effect that everything you place in your body has upon it goes much deeper than the physical level.  Thousands of years ago ancient Yogis, mystics, and spiritualists were experimenting with diet and fasting to aid them in reaching transcendental states, seeking ultimate truth, and developing heightened abilities in the astral/energetic realms.


The Yogic Phlegm-Free Diet


One of the most interesting concepts about diet and the energy body comes from ancient Yogic tradition.  It is taught in Yoga that, aside from our physical body, we also have an astral body.  This astral body is mostly invisible, and can be thought of as being almost “superimposed” upon the physical body.  One of the largest connecting links between the astral body and the physical body is the nervous system.  When one is on a Yogic diet, they are mostly eating with the intention of purifying their energetic nervous system.

Traditionally, one of the largest blocks to the astral channels and nervous system is “phlegm”, otherwise known as excess mucous.  This is interesting because, holistically, excess mucous has also been found to be a large cause of a variety of unnecessary health problems (Statement not evaluated by the FDA).  When we are able to cleanse the body of excess mucous, and adjust our diets to eliminate it’s buildup, not only are we minimizing our risk of future health problems, but we are also clearing and opening up our energetic channels and allowing more life-force energy to flow into our higher chakras.  When we allow more energy flow into our higher chakras, they become balanced, and more of our conscious awareness rests in them, and draws from their energy.

I have personally found that when adhering to a strict, non-mucous diet, I feel a larger degree of constant bodily euphoria.  But even more interesting than that, I am usually able to reach much more satisfying states of mind through meditation, with a lot less effort.


A few basic tips for following a phlegm-free diet


– The largest collection of mucous in your body rests in your colon.  Cleansing your colon efficiently is one of the most powerful things you can do for your physical/mental/emotional health.

– Fruit (and especially fresh juice) is very effective in clearing the body of built up mucous.  The acidity of fruit juice naturally breaks down mucous and dilutes it in a way that the body can release it.  Fruit fasts work wonders!

– Pasteurized dairy products, animal flesh, wheat, and gluten are a few of the biggest causes of mucous build-up in the body.




Aside from eliminating mucous-causing foods from your diet, it is also very useful to eat with the vibration of your food in mind.  Often times this can be interpreted in an airy-fairy kind of way, but it’s actually a very rational idea.  Everything that exists in our reality has a dominant frequency.  When our dominant frequency interacts with our food’s dominant frequency, there is an entrainment that occurs, where the two reconcile with each other.  This means that eating foods with beneficial energy to them (raw fruits and veggies, beneficial bacteria, mineral-rich foods, etc.) helps to charge, balance, and energize our personal energy flow, and eating foods with dead and low energy to them (microwaveable foods, processed foods, genetically modified foods, and foods lacking in living enzymes) will actually weaken our energy system, and inhibit the flow of our life-force energy.


A few foods that are best to avoid are:


– Meat (especially processed meat from animals that have been fed unnatural diets and growth hormones, kept in cages and unnatural living conditions, and that have been procedurally killed in a slaughter house without respect)

-An excess in cooked foods

-Genetically modified foods (especially corn and soy)

-Artificial sweeteners (high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, sucralose, etc.)

-Foods cooked in a microwave

-Pasteurized fruit juice and dairy products (the high heat of the pasteurization kills the living and beneficial enzymes)

Also, it is a general rule that organically grown food has a higher energetic vibration to them, for more reasons than just that they do not have pesticides or genetic modifications.  There is also an energy about the care and intention of the people who grow it.

Why We Have a Greater Advantage in Modern Times?


In older days, it is true that the soil was more fertile, and contained more nutrients in it.  In fact I would venture that a fruit or vegetable on American soil in 1910 was likely 50 times more nutritious than an apple grown on the same plot of land today.  It is also true that in the past people did not have to worry about pesticides, genetic modification, electromagnetic pollution, etc.

But people in the past also did not have the solution to these problems either, which is a combination of specific knowledge about what the body needs to function properly, and holistic health products and supplements.

With a little research, and the willingness to invest in your health, you can literally provide your body with anything and everything it could possibly need to be healthy.  Back in the day, those fruits and vegetables might have been rich in nutrients, but nobody was able to drink a drink, take some capsules, and give their body a combination of all the essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids, digestive enzymes, and Omega fatty acids that the human body needed to live to its fullest potential.

We have, at our convenient disposal, the ability to super-charge the cells of our body, optimize our brain function, and literally re-program our DNA and genetic structure.  We haven’t just fixed the problem, we’ve created a whole new potential for life in a human body!

And this is just what this does for the physical body!


A few pieces of advice when it comes to supplements


– Do your research, and consult experts.  The natural supplement industry is, to a large degree, unregulated, meaning it is legal to have some pretty scary stuff contained in the low quality supplements of the market.  There’s a lot of good, and a lot of bad at the same time.

-Use plant-based and whole-food based multi-vitamins and multi-minerals.  These are what the body can naturally digest and assimilate.  Ingesting incomplete vitamin codes (not from whole-foods) can actually do the body more harm than good sometimes.

– Get yourself a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, Omega fatty acids supplement, and some high quality digestive enzymes.  Doing this alone will facilitate a powerful shift in your level of health.

This is a very vast and detailed area of exploration, and I intend to share more information soon.  For the time being, follow this advice, and see how much of a difference you feel, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.


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