The Spiritual Gym

The Spiritual Gym

There’s something that I must confess… 

Although I would consider myself to be a dedicated spiritual aspirant, I can also be quite thick. 

I sometimes realize in hindsight that the strong messages and signs that I am being sent from my highest source of guidance are often times met with resistance, arrogance, or just plain unconsciousness. 

In other words, sometimes it takes me a long time to learn a lesson…

I feel that, after a long period of seeking and searching for that next step, I have come across one of the most pivotal realizations of a very basic truth, that is very quickly changing my entire experience of life, and my relationship with All That Is. 

I have been very anxious to share this with you as soon as possible, but I have had to spend some time applying and experiencing it first, to be able to communicate it with words.

You may have read in my writings that I am quite the fan of learning to accept, instead of resist.  I have given this one simple practice a lot of credit and importance in my material.  But even with this, little did I know that there was a much deeper and profound lesson hidden (actually screaming at my face as I remained unconscious to it) within this concept, waiting for me to acknowledge it.

I recently listened to some free recordings I received about a year ago from Guy Finley.  I know this might all of a sudden seem like I’m about to sell you something, but I promise you this is just a story about me.  It was a free collection of talks from him, called “Seven Steps to Oneness” that I listened to on my iPod when driving for longer amounts of time.  I had downloaded them about a year ago, casually listened to most of them, and forgotten all about it.  As I started listening to these talks again, they hit me at a completely different level of understanding than it had in the past!

Isn’t it funny how that happens sometimes? 

At any rate, I am incredibly grateful to Guy Finley (and I do highly recommend you get yourself this free download.  It’s fantastic.) for giving me the perfect nudge to a step I have been long since yearning to take.


I want you to bring your thoughts at this time to the most basic Truth of our existence: Oneness. 


All is One.  Or so they say…right?  We sure as hell we aren’t experiencing it all as One, are we?  And this is a serious thing to ponder.  Let’s be honest, all these spiritualists, self-improvement junkies, gurus, new age folks, and ancient teachers, prophets, and disciples are saying that all is one, but most people really aren’t having that experience at all!  In simplicity, this is the plight of the human being, and especially the spiritual seeker.

We’re still experiencing fear and separation, polarities of wanted and unwanted outcomes, and the negative emotional energy that comes from resisting things we would prefer were not in our lives, aren’t we? 

So how do we bring ourselves back to an experience of Onenesss?

I have come to the understanding recently that resistance is a doorway.  Every single moment of resistance, no matter what its cause seems to be, is a beckoning, an invitation from the universe, Divinity itself, to bring yourself that much closer to resolution and Oneness. 

We have all become so accustomed to resistance.  Yet not just to resistance, but to resisting resistance. We have all become unconscious to the very moments of our lives that are calling us to a higher order within ourselves.  Because we do not recognize the call, we turn a blind eye to it, distract ourselves from it, push it away from our awareness, and misinterpret it. 

The reason we do this is very obvious, because facing our resistance head on is painful. 

And yet, in a very real sense, facing this pain and resistance head on, is the only real way to resolve the discord that has caused the resistance and pain in the first place.

I want you to imagine the entire universe a giant boxing ring.  You are the boxer, and you are training.  Life, or whatever name you prefer to give to the creative force of the universe, is your coach/sparring partner.  Life has no intention to hurt you, but it has every intention of giving you exactly what you need to come back to an experience of the Truth, and it does just that. 

Each moment of resistance that happens in your life, from the smallest to the largest, is a jolly punch from life.  A call from Oneness and Divinity itself to remind you of something, that in that moment of resistance, you are not awake.  God is throwing you a playful punch and saying “Wake up to your life buddy!”

Think about what is really happening at a moment that you are resisting.  What are you saying about the thing that you are resisting?  How are you perceiving it? 

“I don’t want you.”

In order for you to not want anything that you are perceiving or experiencing, you must first do it with the premise that it is separate from All That Is.  Separate from you.  Separate from Divinity.  You are deciding that it is “wrong”. 

The Truth is that whatever you are perceiving is a part of Oneness.  When all is One, there is no such thing as “wrongness”, because there is no such thing as “rightness” either.  All is as it is, and that is that.  It may very well be that you are perceiving something that way, but this perception is not reality. 

Our own human ignorance, our asleep-ness, combined with the enormous creative power of our mind, is enough to twist our perception in a way that we dream a dream of “wrongness” in our experience of life, and it is this very ignorance that Divinity itself is pointing out to you, holding it up right in front of your face for you to look at, in every moment of resistance. 

In essence every moment of resistance, whether it be a drawn out negative emotion, or a split second reaction is you saying to life: “I don’t want this part of you.” And life instantly saying back, “This hurts because you are not seeing the Truth.” 

Do you see how simple it is?  Every moment of resistance to anything in your life is Life zinging you and letting you know that you are asleep.  That’s why its painful, because you are looking at your own manifestation of the mad belief that separation exists.  If you did not believe this, you wouldn’t be able to experience resistance at all.  So you see, resistance is giving you a golden opportunity to say to yourself “Ok, I am lost in ego right now.”  And then having a good, long, conscious look at this egoic manifestation playing itself out. 

In your full awareness of these moments, coupled with help from the purest part of your mind, comes the ability to transform the cause of this pain and ego once and for all.

In the next article, I will share a secret with you that will give you the opportunity to start consciously sparring with the universes playful punches, to walk through the door that resistance has opened for you, and to meet every moment of resistance in a way that it not only solves the problem you are experiencing once and for all, but also puts you in a place to begin a real, conscious relationship with Oneness. 

In the next article we will learn how miracles are performed!

Stay tuned!

With Love 



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