What is Yoga Really All About?

What is Yoga Really All About?

Here in the western world, it is all too easy for Yoga to be thought of as a series of physical movements and postures.  Sometimes it is even thought of as an exercise system, or a fitness routine.  There might not be anything else that puts more of a bad taste in my mouth than people misunderstanding what Yoga is, or even worse, perpetuating this misunderstanding by teaching it in this limited fashion.

The reason I find it to be such a travesty is because it couldn’t be further from the truth.

In actuality, physical movements and postures represent about 1/8th of the full scope of the Yogic practice, and are simply one step on a ladder that reaches a MUCH higher goal than the benefits you can receive from doing them.

When you begin to understand the full power and potential of Yoga, you start to see how profoundly it is misrepresented by pictures of attractive people doing “impressive” and complicated physical postures, and by all these visually appealing Yoga mats, pants, and accessories.

But it’s not just about conceptually misunderstanding what Yoga is, it’s that so many misinformed people could end up going to a class to learn what they think is Yoga, and think that the benefit they receive from a watered down, mistaught exercise regime with Yogic postures is as far as this path will take you.

I’ve written about this before in greater detail on both my blog and other people’s blog (you can read about it in much greater detail here), but I’m going to say it one more time here:

The purpose of Yoga is to achieve union with the Divine through meditation.

That’s right!  Yoga is ALL ABOUT MEDITATION!  Ultimately, the goal that the Yogic path moves towards is focused and deep meditation, and the experience of being one with the Transcendental Self.

The postures are just a tool to be used to reach that goal of profound, transcendental meditation.  They enhance meditation.

The full 8-fold path of Yoga is actually a combination of lifestyle (internal and external), moral conduct, purification practices (including diet, and detoxification methods), physical postures, breathing techniques, and progressively deeper meditation through systematic practice.

The ultimate goal is a state referred to as Samadhi, where one’s individual consciousness completely dissolves into an experience of being at One with everything.

The physical postures, breathing practices, even the diet and purification practices, are all there to enhance meditation.  Yes, they all have some pretty amazing side-benefits, but these benefits pale in comparison to the experience you can have when you make it meditation.

The Missing Link-A blend of ancient wisdom and modern technology

The Yogic practices included in The Missing Link are not just postures that will help you get fit or toned.  In fact you can do all of the Yogic practices contained in this course easily without being in shape at all, without Yoga pants, a Yoga mat, or any kind of cool Yoga paraphernalia.  These practices are all about the mind.  They are ancient, time-tested methods that enhance your ability to reach deeper states of meditation.

And they work!

Some of the techniques I’ve shared in The Missing Link are in fact guarded with secrecy by certain organizations, and said organizations are not happy about me sharing them.  You would usually have to pay money and homage to some guru or group, and undergo initiation processes to be taught them.  However I do not believe that they belong to any group or organization.  I believe that you have every right to know and practice them.

When you combine these ancient and effective techniques with brainwave entrainment, you get a meditation system that enables you to make some serious progress in an unprecedented amount of time.

I’d encourage you to download Month 1 of The Missing Link now for free by clicking here and get a taste of it for yourself!


Until next time, take care

-Ashton A

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