Which Is the Best Brainwave Entrainment Audio?

Which Is the Best Brainwave Entrainment Audio?

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I already have an article posted on the site that addresses the question of what is the best brainwave entrainment program, but had yet to address the question of what the best single brainwave entrainment audio is, until now. 

It is always my endeavor to offer you a balanced opinion, based not just on sales, information, or my ability to profit off of what I tell you, but more on what I think is truly going to help you, and what I have learned through my years-long experience in using this type of technology. 

To give you a quick refresher on where my views come from, I have been using brainwave entrainment audios since the very beginning, long before they became as known and popular as they are today.  At the young age of 18 I was experimenting with the old Monroe Institute audios, then moved on to the Holosync Solution.  I spent a good 4 + years with Holosync before moving on to explore some of the newer, different programs and audios at the start of this most recent wave of popularity in this field.

So, as a disclaimer, my opinions are based largely on my own personal experience.  On top of that, however, I have also done my due diligence in researching all that I can to get some hard facts to back up my own views.

Thus being said, I’d like to explore this question “what is the best brainwave entrainment audio?” in depth, and give you a few different high-quality audios to look into.  Hopefully, with what I’ve offered here, and your ability to further explore, and maybe even test them out (One of the audios I’ll be getting to shortly here, believe it or not, is actually offered as a free download, even though it is one of the most powerful I have ever come across.), you will be able to make an educated decision that fits perfectly with what you are specifically taking action to accomplish. 


What Makes a Great Brainwave Entrainment Audio?

When making an educated decision about which audio is best for you, it is important to have a general idea of what makes a brainwave entrainment audio “good”.  There are a few different aspects of this type of technology that are important.  Here is a brief list: 

1. Overall Effectiveness:  Overall, it is most important that you are getting results, right? When you are listening to the audio, you want to be able to feel and notice its effect.  You want to be able to have an immersing experience,where you reach those deeper brainwave states and can have a satisfactory, even enjoyable and deeply relaxing session. 

Also, you want to get some significant short-term and long term results (measurable ones) from listening to this brainwave entrainment audio regularly.

2. Physical Change in the Brain:  A high-quality brainwave entrainment will be exercising your brain in a few different ways.  Audios that stimulate both hemispheres at the same time in a synchronized fashion will allow your left and right hemispheres to be communicating with each other, and, through regular use will actually stimulate the brain to form permanent, lasting neural connections between the two hemispheres.  There are also audios that do not do this, but stimulate both hemispheres separately. 

It is good to have a general understanding of the difference between isochronic tones, monaural beats, and binaural beats.  It is a generally agreed upon fact that isochronic tones and monaural beats will give your brain more of a “spike” when measured with an EEG.  Basically this means that the brain is given more stimulation or exercise when listening tothese two types of entrainment methods, which is believed to make more lasting change in the brain, faster.  But it is also important to keep in mind that there are certain benefits to the good-old binaural beats as well.  There are things that can be done with them that can’t be done with the other.  

In summary, any good audio is going to make positive, measurable, and physical change in the brain, through added input to your brain activity, and the forming of new neural pathways. I have put togetjer a separate article to help you learn more about the specific benefits that you can receive from this process.

3. Stimulation of the Release of Healthy Neurochemicals/Endorphins:  This is something that has been thought of as a “positive side effect” of listening to brainwave entrainment audios, but some products and programs will focus on this more than others, making it more of a goal or priority in the making of the audio.  Depending on which brainwave state you are visiting, and how the audio is orchestrated (a good audio will be orchestrated in a very specific and technical manner) this will happen in varying degrees. 

A few of the neurochemicals that can be commonly produced through listening to brainwave entrainment are serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, and HGH (human growth hormone).

The Best of the Best

So now let’s talk about some of the absolute best brainwave entrainment audios on the market today.  It is good to explore this in terms of single audios, rather than programs, because if you are on a limited budget, it is still entirely possible to get fantastic results with one audio.  But this does make your choice much more important.


Alpha Mind Control by Jeffrey Gignac

**Important Update: This audio is no longer available via the channel I originally listed in this article.  However, if you make it to the comments section below this article, you will find that one of our visitors has been kind enough to share her personal file of this audio below.  Thank you so much!*

I have to say that Jeffrey Gignac is my very favorite creator of brainwave entrainment, for a few reasons. 

One, his audios are designed in a very specific and technical manner.  He uses a combination of isochronic tones, monaural beats, and binaural beats, along with a few other state of the art methods of entraining the brain.  Details like the volume of the sounds and music, the tempo of the entire audio, compared to the tempo of the specific beats, and other details are very carefully orchestrated to make a highly effective audio.  Second, plain and simple, his audios just work, and powerfully.

This audio is incredibly powerful!  I notice a stronger entrainment into the alpha state with this audio than with any other of the hundreds I have tried.  The difference is quite drastic really.  After years of listening to brainwave entrainment tracks, often times my brain has developed a tolerance, but not to this one.  It brings you deep into alpha, consistently, and easily.  In fact, it is so powerful that it is recommended that you only listen to it for about 10 minutes your first time, just to make sure it isn’t too powerful before you are used to it.

Along with the powerful entrainment comes a significant and noticeable release of serotonin and dopamine.  You become very relaxed, and at peace with this one, without having to drop deep down into the theta or delta realms.  This is a perfect place for you to either meditate, just relax, or do inner work like visualization, affirmations, etc.  Basically you have a lot of options, and this is a very dynamic brainwave state to be in. 

Another thing about this audio that I love is that Jeffrey, a master hypnotist, begins with a brief, lightly suggestive hypnotic script that encourages you to relax, gives you positive affirmations that pertain to your spiritual development, and personal prosperity.  Basically, what he says is golden, and is a perfect affirmation for anyone to listen to on a regular basis.  Add this to the alpha entrainment, and you’ve got a powerful catalyst for quick and effective growth. 

So again, this album brings you into deep alpha, uses a combination of isochronic tones, monaural beats, and binaural beats, is about 20 minutes long, has an accompanying hypnotic affirmation at the beginning to deepen your results, and is downright potent.  

The Holosync Solution- Awakening Prologue

Holosync gets bashed on quite a bit these days.  This is mostly because they were the king of brainwave entrainment for a while, so competitors feel a need to show you, the consumer, that they are specifically better than Holosync.  I do agree that there are a few convincing arguments as to why many products are a better choice than Holosync, the largest one being that Holosync does not use the newer isochronic tones or monaural beats to entrain the brain.  They stick with the binaural beats.

But there is a reason for that, and, in fact, they do this for a very important reason, and it allows them to offer you something that the other products do not.  Because Holosync is only using two frequencies at a time in their audios, they can use the specifics of the carrier frequency to their advantage.  For more details on what I am saying here, visit my article Why Holosync is Still The Champion. 

A quick explanation of how binaural beats work is that if you play two different frequencies, one in one ear, and the other in the other ear (ie: 110 Hz and 103 Hz), the brain will automatically reconcile the two, and make it’s own artificial frequency that is the exact difference between the two.  For our example of frequencies, the difference between the two is 7Hz, which is the frequency for an alpha brainwave state.

What Bill Harris, the maker of Holosync has found, is that the lower the carrier frequency of the binaural beat, the more powerful of an effect it has on the brain and nervous system.  So you can get an alpha brainwave state from frequencies 110 and 103, or you can go much deeper and use frequencies 57 and 50.  Both produce an alpha state at 7 Hz, but the lower frequencies have an added effect. 

To keep this to the point, the lower carrier frequencies are one reason that I still like Holosync, and still recommend it as an effective audio.  As of now, the only other product I know of on the market that utilizes the carrier frequencies in this way is my own program The Missing Link.

The other thing I love about this audio is that it mirrors the progressively slowing brainwave activity of deep meditation by starting you in alpha, then slowly moving down into theta, and resting you in delta.  Many audios will just be alpha, or theta, or delta, throughout the whole audio.  While this is very effective still, with Holosync it is a much more realistic and natural pattern.  This is what would happen to your brain if you were a dedicated, 10 year meditator, sitting down to have an all natural meditation session 

So in conclusion, the awakening prologue from Holosync is good because it has lower carrier frequencies that elicit a powerful response not just from the brain, but the nervous system, and it mirrors a deep and natural meditation session.  The audio has two tracks.  The first is called “the dive” where you are led from alpha, slowly down into delta.  The second is called “immersion” where you are held in the delta state for another half hour.  Like all good brainwave entrainment audios, this is very powerful.  It is recommended that you only listen to the first track for several weeks, before going on to follow the first track with the second one during your listening session.

I recommend the Awakening Prologue to people who are focusing mostly on using brainwave entrainment for the purpose of getting better results from meditationI also recommend it to “newbies” in the brainwave entrainment arena.

*One downside of this one is that it’s expensive.  However, it is a high-quality product.  They send you CD’s and a lot of free information and bonuses to accompany it, rather than just giving you an MP3 download.

 Deep Progressive Alpha


At first I would not have recommended this one as one of the best, being that I like to stay humble, and this is one of my own audios.  However, I have received so much positive feedback from my email subscribers about this one that I am now quite confident it is one of the best ones out there.  You can click HERE to read some of these testimonials.  Many people have commented that this is one of their favorites, and it doesn’t surprise me too much, because I made this one (and many of the other audios that I offer on this site) with a technique that is not commonly used by other brainwave entrainment audio creators.

And, once again, this one is free.  You can grab it in the FREE STUFF section, along with a few other goodies 🙂


So those are the three best brainwave entrainment audios that I have to recommend!  Keep in mind that each of these will give you powerful results if consistently listened to on a regular basis.  I gave you three, so you could have a choice more personalized to your needs.  

I hope that you have found this article helpful and informative.  Do feel free to contact me at any time if there are any specific questions I can answer for you.

With Love,



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    Interesting session. I can tell by the music that was used that it was created with MindStudio Workstation from Transparent Corp. I was going to purchase this software myself until the company recently stopped licensing it. Now I’m searching for a different software to create my own sessions with.

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      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi Edward,

      Yes a lot of people are feeling the sting of Transparent Corp bailing on us. I am still able to use my software with an older version of windows. I am experimenting with other software now but have yet to find one I really love. I’d be interested in hearing what you find out!

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