Why Meditation is the Key to Everything

Using meditation techniques to find all the answers you are looking for? A bold statement, let’s explore it!


meditation key to everything

Do you want to live a healthier, happier life?  Perhaps improve a physical ailment or condition that has been giving you grief?  Want to make more money?  Get a promotion and climb the corporate ladder?  Become more attractive, powerful, and dynamic?

In this article I want to explore the reasons why practicing meditation techniques is the key to achieving anything in life, regardless of what it is.  With all of the benefits that come from meditation, it’s almost crazy to not regularly practice this relaxing, simple, and time-tested method for living a peaceful, successful, and harmonious life.

Reason #1: Meditation is physically healthy


Studies show that even meditating for five minutes per day can significantly improve your health.  It lowers blood pressure, oxygen consumption, heart rate, and breathing rate, stimulates the release of beneficial and healthy hormones and neuro-chemicals (DHEAS, HGH, serotonin, etc.) reduces stress (which is a #1 cause of nearly any health problem), relaxes the body – giving your muscles greater rest and rejuvenation, and strengthens the immune system.  Experiments in meditation with professional athletes have shown a consistent improvement in physical performance under pressure, and studies with those suffering from serious health issues have shown a more likely, and more rapid recovery time.


Reason #2: Meditation gives you control over your mind


Mediation is the technique for taking your full power back over the mind.  Some people still believe that they are at the mercy of their own thoughts, habits, memories, and emotions.  This is the exact opposite of the truth.  Our thoughts and emotions are completely ours to wield consciously as an asset and a tool to help us succeed and live a happy life.

A regular practice of meditation is like exercising the mental control muscle.  You will find that after adopting a meditative practice that you become more aware of your own thoughts and emotions, and begin to see that you have the option to choose not to think less-than-helpful thoughts, and not to indulge in negative emotions.  This is just the beginning phase.  Continuing a regular meditative practice over time will also begin to give you control over the more subtle areas of your subconscious mind.  The ability to stop yourself from thinking a thought before it even happens, the ability to rewire and change your beliefs about yourself and the world around you, overcome your fears, learn any new skill or technique, the ability to completely silence the mind (and reap the indescribable benefits of doing so), and the ability to reach blissful, esoteric states, and have intensely spiritual experiences are all things one can expect from a continuous and consistent meditative practice.


Reason #3: Meditation techniques are scientifically proven to evolve your brain


Scientifiresearch has proven that meditation techniques literally cause beneficial physical changes to your brain chemistry and electrical activity.  One study has shown that only 8 weeks of regular meditation significantly increases left-sided anterior brain activity, which is directly related to positive emotional states.  Another study,  performed by Yale,Harvard,Massachusetts General Hospital showed that regular meditation increases the thickness of gray matter in the brain areas responsible for attention and sensory perception.  This study showed a direct link between actual time spent meditating and the increased thickness of this gray matter. 

Several studies have shown that regular meditation also re-wires the brain to minimize metabolic activity and the release of adrenalin during stressful situations.  This, combined with the physical benefits of decreased heart rate and breathing rate, produces what is known as the “relaxation response” in place of the fight-or-flight response.  Basically, meditation helps you stay calm and keep your cool in highly stressful situations.


Reason #4: Meditation reveals the truth


meditation techniques keyThe absolute truth about yourself and the experience of life is within yourself.  Meditation is the way to find this truth.  Knowing yourself, and understanding the truth about your life, your mind, and your world will give you a peace of mind and power that you may have never imagined was possible.  This is something that every person on the entire planet yearns for. The absolute truth of our being is a miracle!  Find it out!


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